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Hi all I'm Mark from Brisbane in Australia. I've been meaning to introduce myself for a while but am just getting around to it now for reasons stated in the title. My story is that when the local police came across me out for a little spurt to clear the cobwebs at 2 in the morning and decided that the speed I was driven my car at was no longer funny they decided that perhaps I should walk for 6 months to spend some time thinking things over. :mad: As a much younger man I had built a motorized push bike for a young guy working for me so he could get to work and decided it was time to do the same for myself. Heres a pic the right way up for all you guys in the northern hemisphere.

  • And this is how we see it in Australia!! :D



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Aug 4, 2006
hahahahah, i was wondering why that picture was upsidedown... or right-side up... or whatever.

That engine is a tight fit. What size sprocket do you have??


Wow, thats such a nice bike... Please explain how you fitted it into such a small frame..

Is that a custom intake manifold you made yourself?

If not where did you get it and does it affect the performance fitted at an angle?

But seriousely thats really neat...


The motor is a tight fit cos I bought it first and then took it out shopping for a bike. I wanted it as neat as possible to get that "Factory Fitted" look. Everything is custom by now. The front and rear engine mounts are built to offset the motor 5mm to the chain side for clearance. On the front the engine mount is cut to clear the frame and plate mounted to the drink bottle mounts. The rear is also plate mounted with new bracketing. If you have an oversized frame this is an easy way to get your bolt centers wider and allows you to put the motor exactly where you want it. The inlet manifold is just the standard one cut and welded then ported. The transfer and exhaust ports are reworked and the entire guts of the exhaust got the secret recipe treatment and .5mm shaved from the bottom of the barrel. Did a quick balance on the crank but want to do it again to closer tolerances as I am planing a new CDI, main bearings and more revs. I did have a NOS kit on it but took it of in the interests of longevity!! I run 3 different sprockets from 52 teeth for bush bashing to 32 for long rides. These just bolt on to the standard sprocket and with the quick release rear wheel they are easy to swap. I used to snap chains particularly when landing after getting air but an SLC Pro comp 415 chain off a dirt bike has put an end to that. I use short chain pieces to change between sprockets and a half link to take up the slack . The tensioner idea SUX!!!!


Mark, is that an alluminium frame or steel ?

Would you say its better to install on an alluminium or a steel one, what im tryin to say is would a steel frame produce less vibration than lets say an alluminium one.

Also you know how you mounted the front of the engine to the bottle holder slots with a steel custom mount, well does that affect the vibration too?

Id be really interested in finding out thanks...
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