Break In ok to ride long time on brand new engine?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by masterx1234, May 5, 2010.

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    hey guys, i just got my kit together and wondering if its ok to ride it for its first 10 mile journey, the engine is brand new, so it isnt broke-in yet, is it ok to ride for ten miles??? will i break the motor?

  2. KCvale

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    Just constantly vary the RPM's and don't run it wide open.
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    My engine was broken in while being limited to 12 mph or so and on a mix of good quality two-stroke oil made specifically for air-cooled engines (not water cooled). Kept speed limited for two tanks of fuel, then up the speed for one more tank to 18 mph or so, then adjusted fuel-to-oil ratio to something I was comfortable with (24:1 in my case). I later went with a synthetic 2-stroke oil, but at twice the oil portion the label claims is okay.

    Keep looking for bolts that break or vibrate loose; these engines have that habit.

    If you like to tinker, you will like your engine. There is always something that someone will say. "This makes it run better...".

    My engine has 1,060 miles on it. I am still amazed on some days at how well it runs using the original cheap carburator, considering how I reassembled a bunch of parts destined for the dumpster.

    Wear a GOOD helmet, obey traffic laws, and you will have fun!


    Be prepared for
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    masterx1234 - i use a 2 stroke synthetic oil. i heard synthetic oil is better for break in periods. i also went with a 16.1 gas/oil for my first tank. have fun!
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    Sure its ok but you'll probably break unless you followed the many build tips pon thsi website.
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    ok sorry, and thanks guys!, i just got my alarm today so now im gonna make some vids of it and it'll be on my youtube, just seaRCh mastax1234 on youtube
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    I'd limit trips to a few minutes out, and a few minutes back. Let engine
    throughly cool, run again to heat up. I wouldn't go far on an unproven, unseasoned, bike. A few short trips will season the block / pipe, and will hold torque. Short runs identify which bolts loosen.

    When engine starts easier, clutch works smoother, it's broke in enough
    for the 10 mile trip. Don't run at any one speed for long, hit high RPMs
    briefly, than back off. Let cool before re-torquing head, and pipe. Add
    jam nuts where needed. Careful break in assures long engine life.
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    once again, this is a 2 year old thread!
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    well, call it a reminder then...just making sure whoever wanted help all the way back then understands everything clearly :)

    you think he did?
  11. I like to make the gas really oilly..And just break it in like a car engine running the rpms up and down non stop.Short trips to cheak for bolts that loosen and make sure to use lock tight everywhere it helps to let sit overnight too..2 days and mine is broke in and ready to ride..

  12. You have the Siiiickest expansion chamber bro,Just looks great upside down,Do you have a video clip!?Love to hear that baby...I have a yzf80 on the way and I am going to add a silencer if needed,No emission laws in Florida and you can run pretty loud around here..How was it when you first installed it?I bet I am going to be ticketed pink ;)