ok what bike do you use

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    So I hear a lot about Not using walmart bikes and I was wondering what kind of bikes
    any of you guys recommend ? Lets try to keep it reasonable priced but what ever works .
    Thanks , Man I dig this site !! and you crazy *******s !!!

  2. crassius

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    I use walmart & target bikes. Not a problem.
  3. KCvale

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    Let me put it this way...
    A bike that fits YOU just right and comfortable for YOU to ride as fast as you can is where you start.
    And you need brakes front and rear, no exceptions as no motorized bike is safe without at least 2 brakes.

    A $95 Huffy bicycle is a kids toy regardless of where it is sold, and you really don't want to start with a toy to build an adult motor machine.
    Sadly, the first thing that usually goes bad is the back hub and coaster brake, the only brake it has.

    I built a lot on the ~$220 26" Micargi Pantera 7S beach cruiser bike.


    $25 at http://sickbikeparts.com for a small front engine mount and dual pull brake lever and you're set.

    The direct drive engine sprocket aligns right up with the 7-speed hub and the 2.28" tires are about as wide as you can go for good chain clearance, and even then you have to cut the rear fender on the chain path but overall they have proved to be a reliable safe platform for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines direct drive, and shifters for 5 years now.
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    Things To Look For

    Not entirely sure exactly which bike you should be going for but I've been reading through threads all day and I've complied a list of things that people recommend looking for when purchasing a bike:
    • mounting points for caliber brakes
    • steel wheels/frame
    • hard-tail w/ front suspension
    • 36 spoke wheel (so that sprocket mount fits)
    • front hub that will accept disc mounts (if your're going the brake disc route)
    • sprung seat or seat-post

    Otherwise I think the rest of the stuff is pretty self-explanatory, get something that will support the engine you're looking into, here is a video including templates I'm bringing to my bike shop so that I can be 100% that the engine will fit.

    Good luck.