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    hello.... story so far owned the bike now for 9 months ridden every day. always maintained and repaired as nessecary,4th frame and over 6000 kms on engine (never opened) carby never changed but alwys had quality oil and filter and new float valve fitted 6 mths ago. i got the bike second hand as a non runner (clogged in tank filter now removed)and used it ever since. its a rock solid 50cc standard engine

    Now.... this motor was always good at cruising at about 41-45 kmh comfortably as it did this morning like clockwork without fail, and it sounded sweet.
    then on the ride home this afternoon same road,time,traffic ect as it done for 9 months now, i was doing 42kmh cruise at just over 3/4 throttle approx then the vibrations went away, the note changed and it got quicker so i went WOT and it hit 60kmh!!!!! pulled up at a red light and it idled soooooooo nice. take off was briliant worked thru the revs better than before (which i was pleased with before) and back up to 60 again and held it for a good 15 mins NO PROBLEM! parked it up and it was idling great still. i let it cool down completely, took it out again and it still goes better now even when cold it starts easily and runs smoother now. ive not touched anything on this bike in 2 weeks and im not complaining one bit, but i just cant understand whats happened has anyone else had this occour with their bikes let me know.

    sorry bout the long winded post:whistling:

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    im more than happy with my rse hp1.5 48cc motor/rse bike

    3000 kms later im changin to sbp shiftkit hd2 plus a sbp exhaust (which is desired as std )

    im tired of 65kph :jester:

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    nice id love to do that. its still going as described before still no idea why though ive heard that RSE MOTORS are good build quality compared to most others. ive NEVER CHECKED THE HEAD BOLTS:whistling: since ive owned it
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    its simple rse do a total rebuild using far better internals than the chinese ****.

    like the piston is a better piston (jap )etc .
    or in ur case the head is bolted using jap studs an nuts ohh an 8 mm not 6 mm .
    in mine i also had motor worked plus on top of the stock hp motor (ceramic topped piston , german bearings .

    rse are the only aussie motor rebuilders all the rest are motor forwarders .
    they buy a stack of motors an sell at a profit, as any idiot could do .
    if u truelly love ur motor then at least buy the sick bike parts exhaust .

    only bit of bad news is the cost of shippin bits to oz from usa 44 bux a kg
    i also have a shiftkit hd2 so i have access to more power an speed

  5. gothicguy64

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  6. motorpsycho

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    Are you sure that you don't have an air leak somewhere?
    normally if an engine all of the sudden revs higher than normal and has a lot more power, the air-fuel ratio may be getting leaned out.
    This is a bad thing and can burn a hole in the piston.
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    44 bux is nothing compared to RSE shipping price for a 70cc cylinder jug express post, it = 56 buxs. not including the price of the cylinder itself. And i live in Sydney lol I'm going to buy a whole new engine instead lol
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    checked all that and its fine its just running real nice now its not leaning out or any thing when i say revs higher i mean its all controllable it does at 3/4 throttle what it used to do at nearly WOT. that was my first fear that it was leaning out