Ok, Where do I get a 32T sprocket?



I've got a 44T sprocket now and it goes 30mph. My bike's a pretty solid set up, handles awsome! I kinda want to go faster. I need to get a new wheel for the back cause it's an old Schwinn S-5 and I'm having a hard time getting some nice new white walls that will fit it. So, I'm going to switch to a standard rim, and I thought why not throw a 32T sprocket on there while I'm at it, but how do I get one and how much are they?
If I take It down to a 32T wont that take me up to 45mph, and I don't see a 32T for sale. I want to get this thing as fast as I can but still stay reliable. It's safer to go faster on these things because your speed differance with the other traffic go down. The slower you are the more likely you'll get rear-ended.
What would it take to have one of these things machined?
If you do a google search for sprockets, 415 chain, you will be ablwe to find several places that sell "blanks" with just the teeth and a 1" hole in the center. Available in any number of teeth for not too much money. Mark and drill the bolt holes yourself.
I dont see why you want over 30 that would pretty much make the bike illeagle to ride on road....but thats your choice but with more motorbikes gaining more attentain we as the founders of the new movement need to try to keep thing in check......the Chinese motor is more work hourse than race hourse
the 32t sprokets are out there, l have one that l will be using on another trike, but these sprokets are hard to come by, try spookytooth he may still have some left...............later
Just put a 24 Tooth sprocket on my OCC Pacific. I bought it last year at 1977 Mopeds in Kalamazoo. I did have the 44 Tooth on and it gave good performance for accelleration but I have joined a moped gang in K.C. the Breakfast Mafia and its no good getting left, struggling to keep up with the engine screaming its lungs out. The routes that I had ridden with them didn't feature many hills so I figured I was good. First starting takes a another ten feet average as a higher speed is required before engageing the clutch. The accelleration is also slower but can be compensated for by pedalling, keeping me with the pack. Top speed puts me right up front racing with the fastest mopeds which is a rush. Though I currently have to back off before stoplights due to lower braking capacity. Then the bad news, starting at the bottom of hills from a stop is not for those who cannot Armstrong their way to the top, the 49cc and 24 Tooth is not for hilly areas. The last Sunday weekly ride with the B-Mafia had a couple of long hills, one I pedalled, the other I walked (wishing for more cc's) .The engine is quite comfortable with the sprocket under normal conditions, at top speed the engine doesn't rap out but instead seems to keep gaining with the power band starting at about 20 mph. I'll have more accurate speed data when I get the speedo hooked up. Note:the wider rear sprocket required use of a 40-1 x 10ft (5ft of it)roller chain Farmex #06401 which kinked alot initially on the front sprocket but worked fine.
thats why l use the 36t sproket, goes up hills, easy to get started, great for top speed, all around a great sproket to use..... P.S. due you have slack in your chain? mine will fly when the chain is loose, when its tight it just sux.....later
did you call spookytooth about getting a 32 or 36t sproket? he's the only one that l know that would carry them.