OK -- Who Got Inspired Here On Site ??

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    Soon be 3 years ago, over a year since if first came on the board.
    many thanks Tom, without you we wouldn't have this forum and without this forum I don't know if i would have been able to build my bike. Two bikes later I'm hoping to go study mechanical engineering and go into a career in engine design, and it's all thanks to this place!


    Ok -- Who Got Inspired Here On Site ??

    I just came across the statement above made by BSA this morning

    what better than that could be said regarding this site ??

    (((((( what has this site done for you -- in a POSITIVE WAY ?? ))))))

    for me it has

    gotten me back on the two wheels with motor riding after many years away

    helped to cause me to want to build a little tool collection again
    all of my tools were lost in the Calif Cedar Fire of 2003

    a closer contact with the Almighty one
    out in the dark early mornings while riding -- good time to think and pray

    given me a cool way to get from point A to point B

    sole transportation for the better part of a year

    have met a lot of people due to their interest in my MB

    yes -- may we just say that the list goes on and on in my case

    how about you ??

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    Well, I don't know from apples about inspiration, but I'll say this forum has been a great source of motivation. I've always designed things, my whole life. From furniture to houses to toys and lots more, and have always enjoyed bringing the designs to life. This forum has given me a whole new spectrum of ideas to play with.

    More importantly, it has motivated me to get to work on my trike project. That is sort of hanging fire right now due to some health issues, and some money issues as well, but it is slowly progressing. The major hang-up right now is getting two rear wheels that have large enough hubs to fit the axle and free wheel independently of each other.
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    Yes this site has inspired me though I don't have much money at the moment it has opened me up to a way to have a custom motor type cycle without totally breaking the bank. I have learned so much more about the world of motoredbikes than would ever be possible if Tom hadn't started the site we do owe a lot to him and the team of moderators for running a great resource of information.
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    I'm having a tough time remembering if the chicken or the egg came first.

    I had had notions of motorizing a bike for years (decades, really). Even tried to make a friction drive about 15 years ago with a lawn mower engine. Didn't work out too well.

    Finally in the spring of 2008 it occurred to me to see what I could learn on the internet. That led me to the happy time engine and MBC. But I'm not sure which one I found first.

    As for what this particular site has done for me, that's pretty easy. It's given me a ton of useful tricks and helpful info. And it's given me a chance to talk with folks who have the same interest. It's surprising how many people in person are impressed with the bike, but don't follow through. Even after I assure them that it's cheap and easy.

    Here I can talk with people who went ahead and did it.
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    Well basically I came across the HT kits on eBay and thought I have to learn more!! I ended up finding MBc and must have read every single thread on the site. I saved up for a few months and finally got my kit through the post from china :) was so happy. After having the first ride I realised that this was what I loved. Lots of modification and money later I found that its not only what I loved but it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

    After getting my bike running how I wanted it, things started to go seriously downhill in my life. The only place I felt happy was in the garage with a spanner in my hand covered in oil. The closest I had to turn to was you guys here on the site :) most forums you dont really get a sense of community and friendship, but on here you do, all though I have never met anybody, all I have seen is words and silly little avatars I feel like we are quite a close community!

    I found my love of engineering through my bike, through MBc, and now it has ended up with me working for Ford studying for a degree in manufacturing engineering.

    Thanks a lot to everybody on here who makes the site such a great place.


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    This Site to me has transformed the M/B from a cool toy --- To a great outlet for creativity and A place to meet some really awesome people !!!!
    It's been a blast !!! THANKS....