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    Hey everybody, long time lurker, second time poster (signed up just to give a guy some advice)

    First off, My Name is Wil, I'm based in Yukon, OK just west of OKC, if you see me buzzin around, say Hi.

    I've got a HT that has ALL THE ISSUES on a Schwinn Legacy, debadged.

    I'm just gonna break this down into my experience of problems and fixes:

    Fuel tank; my largest problem, my constant struggle, my bane. My stock fuel tank had a slight leak, that after a conference with a telephone pole turned into a large leak, put some epoxy putty and RTV black on it and it only got worse. found out late there was a tear in the metal by one of the studs, so it got removed and replaced with a 1gal gas can (old style with a vent) a few zipties and a slightly longer fuel line later, Its probably a permanent fix on this bike

    Sproket; kept throwing the chain, found out I had the sprocket on backwards and the rag joint wasn't tight

    Magneto; caused my second longest down period, mostly because I thought it was EVERYTHING else. Should've known it was the issue when a puddle ran out of the case. I started my build with a pull start, BAD IDEA with the vibration. long story short, screw backed out and ate some stuff up

    Exhaust; falls off all the time, so does the tip. this is where I'm so glad this bike came with a seized engine, spare parts galore, just found out what the exhaust bracket was last night so I'm looking forward to the possibility of these issues being at an end. The studs have stripped engine side on my head so it got rethreaded at 7mm, and I use screws not bolts or studs so I can replace on the fly.

    Spark Plug; not firing. got the NGK B7HS. No more problems there

    Wheels; My bike is second hand and the coaster brake is trashed, the back wheels bearings are on the way out, just a matter of time til it gets parked and I get to rob a chinese kitchen (take a wok) and pedaling backwards will only make the bike no longer roll til I can take the back wheel off and fix it (happens a lot more than I'd like to admit) but eh, I digress

    Brakes: My bike came with just the trashed coaster brake, which I worked around with wood soled shoes on the front wheel. After an incident I decided I needed and upgrade, I now have rim brakes on the front and nothing on the back.

    Lights: Headlight wont stand the vibration, release clutch, run it to WOT, ride on. Idk why that fixes my light, but it works for now, currently looking into a headmounted light on my helmet. (use my spine as a shock absorber ;)) Tail light keeps falling off, decided to put a high vis vest on my backpack.

    Telephone Poles; Ran into a guywire riding on the sidewalk, no brakes, no helmet. I woke up in the ER with my clavicle in 3 pieces. That was my longest downtime with the bike. Fixed that issue with a titanium plate, 7 screws a helmet, some brakes and a policy to NEVER EVER RIDE ON UNFAMILIAR SIDEWALKS. EVER. BAD STUFF HAPPENS. also brakes are pretty important I guess....

    I'm seriously considering another build, this time I'd do it right, swap all the hardware, get a bike thats back wheel isnt worn out, and just generally do all the things suggested in the beginner threads, though at this point I'm no beginner.

    Hey...it beats the heck out of pedaling....:)

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    Sounds more like it beat the heck out of you.
    Sure you may heal up quick now, but 40 years from now your body will remind you of every one of your wrecks, daily, the rest of your life.

    KC's Basic MB Rules:

    1. NO MB is safe without working front and rear brakes.
    2. Top safe speed is not determined by how fast it can go, but how fast you can come to a complete stop in 10' or less.
    3. Never EVER ride without a helmet.
    4. Stay off the damn sidewalk and always ride with traffic, you have a right to a lane.
    5. And for your own sake, don't build on a POS bike! It can and will fail under motor power!
    6. Can't afford a good safe bike? Save and wait. If you can't afford good brakes you sure can't afford an emergency room visit.

    There are no safe shortcuts here bud, MB's push the limits of a good bicycle as it is, cut corners there and you will feel it the rest of your life, if you live that is.
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  3. LeUnicornRider

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    Exactly why I want to build another bike and do it right this time. As far as my current build goes the frame is solid, the front wheel is pristine and everything else is golden, the back wheel is the problem child. You're a vendor so I've gotta ask, what would you recommend for a decent headlight? I was thinking I might actually use the 6v line off the magneto for power.
  4. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    You magneto does not make enough power, in fact new ones don't even have a white wire, or actually connected to blue wire and just there to kill the engine.

    I like the CREE T6 based LED's powered by 7.4V LI battery pack.
    1200 lumens single bulb work great, 3 modes, High, Low, and Strobe for daylight riding.
    I won't ride without that daylight strobe anymore, it already saved my butt a handful of times.

    Want more light? they go up in lumens from there but the more you draw the quicker the battery dies.