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    Hello and thanks for all the suggestions in this forum, I have already made use of several tips.

    I am a old 2 stroker. My first scooter was a 3 wheeler I built with a Maytag Washing Machine Engine.
    2 cylinder 2 stroke and old tricycle front end.

    Had many 2 stoke engines, 2 Harley Davidson and both were 2 strokers.
    Most of my motorcycles were 2 stroke, CZ Jawa, a few Yamahas and several Suzuki and one 2 stroke water cooled 2 cylinder 1972 Suzuki Cab-over Pickup I bought new.

    I now have 1 26" mountain bike with a Stinger Kit. Got a couple hundred miles on it now.
    The kit was easy to setup. About 1 1/2 hours to get the chain alignment figured out and maybe 1 hour for everything else.

    I am over 275# and get 31 MPH on level ground. This is one strong little 2 stroker.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this forum.


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    Hi, Larry, and welcome aboard.

    Sounds like you're already one of us.
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    Welcome from California!