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    rochester new york here.
    ive been in the bike business most of my life.
    started at 15 back in 1971.
    got out of it a few years back but still tinker.
    i recently had the motorized bike bug bite me.
    always wanted a whizzer but the price was a deterent.
    i found a chinese schwinn cruiser with a "new" skyhawk gt-5 kit installed.
    not knowing any better, after the seller took way too long to warm it up, i assumed something was wrong.
    i guess the clutch wasnt disengaging.
    pretty mechanical here and ive read about the bucking bar and bearing.
    well my son was playing with it and he lost the bar.maybe the bearing.
    cheap enough online.
    but the shipping is 3 times the price of the parts.
    does anyone know the rough dimensions on the bucking bar so i can try just cutting some stock down, or is it something special?
    i also have tons of bearings and i dont want to pay 3 bucks for a bearing thats probably the same as something already in my garage.
    any help advice etc would be appreciated.
    even a seller that doesnt charge 12.00 to ship 2 small pieces that would fit in a stamped envelope.

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    In my new engines, I've totally modified the bucking bar and bearing.
    Throw away the bearing from a new kit in the garden so it becomes food for plants n weeds, cos that's all it's good for.
    Some are not case hardened and not round.

    Replace with 2 ( two) a high quality high speed bearings, and if you have the standard bucking bar, shorten it bit by bit till the 3 bolt cover plate sits flush on the casing with the clutch lever in place to.
    Don't shorten the bucking bar too much because the cam on the lever will not have enough "travel" to push the pin enough to disengaged the clutch.

    To take a few steps further,
    heat both ends of the bucking bar as if you have just sharpened a chisel when case hardening the chisel.
    Do the same with the cam end of the clutch lever.

    Use plenty of hi temp grease where the bearings are.

    The other step to try, is put in a bush where the lever and the 3 screw plate hole is.
    The bush will require some drilling so it fits in.

    This will eliminate wear on the alloy cover.

    All the Best

  3. berniebike

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    found the rod.not sure if theres a bearing in there or not.
    gonna play with it a bit today.
    i did find a maybe suitable bearing in the mess of my garage but when i put it in it seems like the rod sticks out too much so i,m assuming the original is still in there.
    now i just have to adjust the clutch itself and maybe it will be ready to ride.
    thanks everyone for any future and past help.
    it does seem like everythings been asked and answered on here.
    just gotta search thru it all.