Engine Trouble Old bike very little power + four stroking, Ran fine just the other day

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by AeonsCookie, Jun 11, 2012.

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    Hi, I got a Skyhawk 66/80 CC kit on my bike, Had no problems with it till the other day, Been reading the forums before I registered, and after.

    Ive been having a four stroking engine, At all throttle positions, I have run the c-clip in all positions to only have either reduced power even more, w/ four stroking, or just a little power w/ four stroking, When I run it rich it lean is when i have the most power but i keep getting only up to 15 mph on the engine, I do not seem to have any leaks. Ive port matched my carb and exhaust pipes as much as I could without reducing the strength of the pipes, I havent done anything else as far as mods, havent touched the engine with a grinder or file since I got it.

    NOTE?: got it used, with no mods as far as i could tell after inspecting it, Ran great i was able to run it up to 3/4 throttle no problems, even was able to get it up to 30 mph at times but not for more then a few seconds.

  2. Check intake and carb bolts ,might have loosened up on ya. If not that id take a look at the float and needle/seat may have some **** in it. Let us know.
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    The bolts were plenty tight, and the float as well as the needle/seat looked pretty clean to me, no signs of any debree or goop inside.