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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FarRider, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Greetings fellow road rats!
    I'm a long time rider and builder of motorized bikes, up till recently I haven't exactly been web savvy so I had no idea that these pages even existed until I ran into a fellow moto rider out on the road who was in trouble.
    I saw the MotoredBike.com stickers and asked him about it as we tightened up his wayward exhaust system and he told me all about the forums.
    Wow... to think all these years I've been building parts from scratch i could have bought them at less time and expense...
    Ya learn something new every day.
    48v 1000w Lipo battery rear electric hub motored, dual sus street bikes any one?
    Far Rider

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    FarRider / buzbikebklyn1 / Thomas Miano is not new to forums. Go read the thread entitled: "buzbikebklyn1??? Any info?" started by oneninesixnine. It will save you some money...
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    Do you have any more Morini and HT engines to sell?:whistling: