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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Traveler, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Traveler

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    Has anyone heard of a Columbus Bike? I saw one online that appears to be from the 40s and has a Whizzer tank.

  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Could it be a Columbia?

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  3. Traveler

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    Probably is. I think it was a typo online. Any history available on this bike? It is probably from the mid to late 40s.
  4. RdKryton

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    It is a Columbia. That is almost the same exact frame I'm putting an H motor on. It may be a late 40's or early 50's.

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  5. Traveler

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    Looks like you and I will both be putting a Whizzer H motor on a Columbia. I bought the bike today. I already bought the motor. Will start working on it next week. Lots of work to be done.
  6. KilroyCD

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    Those old Columbia frames are darned near bullet-proof. The first MB I built is on a '46 Columbia frame (see first attachment). However, once I finally save up for an H or J motor, it's going to go onto a Shelby Traveller frame (see second attachment).

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  7. Traveler

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    Great bikes

    Great photos. I love both of those bikes. The Columbia is being shipped to me this week.

    I was going to use my repro Schwinn bike, but decided to use vintage parts throughout whenever possible. I'll send some photos when I figure out how to attach. I see an icon for it when typing this message, but nothing happens.
  8. Traveler

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    Bike like yours

    I have a Columbia just like yours, except it hasn't been restored yet. I did ride it the other day. I believe it is a '46 also. Where did you get all that nice chrome work done?
  9. KilroyCD

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    The chrome is all aftermarket. It's a repop springer fork, Wald handlebars, GruBee PooPoo Pipe, chrome bullet headlight and Pyramid round mirrors. All but the PooPoo pipe are available through BikeWorldUSA.com.
  10. Traveler

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    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.