Old BSA Bicycle Pics

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    found at garage sale, out the back. Was hard to spot except I asked the owner about their vegy garden. And there it was. he forgot to put it out with all the rest of the sale items. Was not sure of it's history, says around the late 60's ?

    Hope to find some history on this bike, when was it made, name of model etc etc ?

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    COOL find! Although I'm certainly no expert on BSA by any means,I do know that Raleigh bought them out in 1957 and that is most likely a Post Raliegh bike. Perhaps a search on Raleigh might give you some answers.:detective:
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    Very nice :D
    any plans to motorize?

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    Thanks, there is no other clue except it's all BSA. Saddl4e underneath the aftermarket seat pad is leather, I'd say a Brookes saddle. The tiny screws that hold the leather onto the steel frame are rusted, but the leather is all there.
    Did a search but did not come up with much yet.
    There was a model name factory painted, but very faded, letters that vagualy appear after a bit of a wipe with moist cloth
    are the last 4"....peer", the first faded letters seem to resemble "au",
    So "au....peer", anyone into crosswords ?
    It's not fold-up, BSA made a range for military use and was fold-up.
    The closest in those styles I found they were generaly called a "truck" bike.
    Could be a refinery works/yard bike at Pt Stanvac or GMH yard bike type of thing.

    Thanks, I knew it would get your attention,
    na, not on project list at the moment except clean it up a bit, but if and when it does come to consider, I'll probably check out electric and keep it simple and orginal.

    Yep, mine don't fold though.
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    The three speed hub should have a date on it, if that's of interest to you.
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    Birmingham Small Arms Co

    In 1861 fourteen gunsmiths joined together in Birmingham England to supply guns to the government for the Crimean War.

    1870 they made the Otto Dicycle. Google it, you have to see it.

    1880 they made the first bicycle

    1903 they made the first motorcycle

    1907 first car

    They were the main gun makers for England for two world wars plus bicycles and motorcycles. They made folding bikes for the paratroopers.

    They sold the bike business to Raleigh in 1956. BSA bikes are still made in India

    Today what is left of the BSA company makes air/pellet and shotguns

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