Old Currie electro-drive to gas powered

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    I bought a Schwinn with an older Currie conversion this spring and the throttle went out on it. It also needs new batteries, I bought it used, don't have a key for the box the batteries mount in (it's something like a soda machine key), I'd want to put a new motor on it that had some power...

    After I started adding all of it up, I wondered how much more or less trouble it would be to convert it to gas. It's got a short chain system and sprocket on the left wheel. Would it be as easy as I think it would be to rig something up with a two-stroke or am I going to pull this all apart are realize I'm missing something?

    I also wasn't sure where this question should go and if it's inappropriate for general discussion I apologize.

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    Range and power have always been factors in considering electric. Personally, I'd spend some time looking at Staton's axle drive kit. Is the rear axle drive sprocket on this bike a free wheel? If you're up for a project, the conversion will take some work and possible machining. Also, that current drive sprocket and axle may not be up to the task of the greater power of the gas motor.
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    Ed, Contact Currie and they can refer you to a parts dealer for the bits and pieces you need to get her running. I like the GEBE kits but thats my opinion. :jester:
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