Old Dude, seeks advice for first engine kit

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  1. Hi, I am Paul, 66 years old. I need to get a decent reliable motor kit for my Schwinn retro fat-wheel, single speed bike. I can try to install it myself or get a young kid to help. I have average skills and poor patience, to be honest. (ADHD). Do you think the old fashion back wheel brake is enough to stop a motorized bike like that or do I need to install a front one? I need advice on a reasonable motor that is reliable and pretty simple to install, I ordered a DVD on general installation cause I want to do it right. This is my only transportation, 'cept my feets. If I go to a bike shop, what kind of money should I expect to have a motor installed,,"ball park..." I know I ask a lot but I need to do this project to survive decently and I am in the dark. Please enlighten me, all advice welcome, thanks to all..I see there are some smart guys her, thanks.

    Paul in Grand Rapids, MI

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    a bike shop usually wont install an engine for liability and lack of knowlege reasons. if your looking for reliable low maintnence. your gonna want to steer clear of the 80cc china motors. in your case i would suggest a rack mount. they have direct drive and chain/belt system. i would go with a gebe because i hear nothing but good things about it. as for the engine my favorite engine as far as reliability goes, is the 40cc purefire tanaka. they can be found on ebay most of the time.

    my advise is research before you buy. there is alot of information on this site as well as others. this will give you more of an idea of what YOU want. everybody has different opinions and wants/needs.

    good luck. and pictures of your bike would help alot.

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    Welcome aboard, Paul.

    To answer a couple questions....

    Yes, a secondary, front brake is needed. (you'll thank us later ;) )

    and.... good luck taking a motored bike to a bicycle shop. Most don't approve of motors on bicycles.

    Your best be would be a small engine repair shop, if you need to hire the work done.

    Look around on the forum & you may find someone in your area who is willing to help you.

    again....Welcome to MBc.
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    I'd recommend going with a rear wheel friction drive. I just installed one on my 1 speed cruiser and it was pretty much a no-brainer. I got the Subaru kit from Staton, but the DAX kit looks just as nice.
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    Welcome... May I direct you out of the introduction, and into a particular forum (Garage & Tech/Mech Help-detailed & specific tech talk) http://www.motoredbikes.com/forumdisplay.php?f=68 . The thread won't go on and on, and you will get more responses. DVD....ya right. Not anywhere close to correct. General yes.
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