Old engine wont turn over/snapped mount bolt

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by DeusIgnis, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. DeusIgnis

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    Well, let me start at the begining.

    I got my first motorised bike back in january, 49cc, got it from some dude on ebay called motowhizzer.

    Anywho, its had its issue over the time that ive been running it, and it being my first and well, me starting this knowing next to nothing about engines the little guy has taken a beating, but was still running fine.

    But i felt the need to upgrade and do a new build on a better bike and do it properly.

    So i got a z80 (66cc) from zbox and spend 300 bucks on a good bike and it all went together beautifully. Been riding it for ~2 weeks, still using 16-1 and being gentle (in general) when i decided to open her up a bit. I hadnt tightened up anything in a few days and one of my front mounting bolts decided to shake itself loose. This then let the engine move aroudn a bit and SNAP one of my rear mounts (chain side).

    Well, this annoyed me, but i knew i could fix it as it had happened on the 49cc.

    So i get it home, get out the drill and easy out. Drill out the center of the bolt, break out the easy out, smack it in the hole and get onto it with the pliers but she dont want to budge. Get out the shifter onto it, still dont want to turn, and SNAP.

    snapped off the go**** easy out in the bolt. and tungsten alloy aint the easiest thing to get out, so ive but that on the back burner for now, but got some ideas on how to fix it. Any from you guys would be welcome though.

    So i figure, meh, ill get the old one going. All i had to do was put the exhaust back on, as the one i got with the z80 was going to require a huge amount of bending to make it fit. So whack that on, go for a ride, but she dont want to turn over. the engine hadnt been turned over for about 10 days at that point.

    All that happens is the engine kinda 'pops' like gets a single spark/turn over every 3 or 4 meters. and thats it.

    Ive cleaned out the carby, cleaned the sparkplug, even used the sparkplug cable off the z80 as my old one is a bit dodge. No luck though.

    So, any ideas on getting my old love up and running again.

    since january it has been my main mode of transport up untill about 3 weeks ago. and was still going strong when i decomissioned it, has it lost its will to live after seeing a new engine in my life?

  2. hill climber

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    sounds like the clutch is slipping. just today i went for a ride on one of my bikes that has not been run in about three weeks and the clutch slipped until it got warmed up. i dont know why but its fine now. give it another try, dump the clutch dont let it out slow, dont inisiate slippage.
  3. DeusIgnis

    DeusIgnis New Member

    hmmm, i only tightened up the clutch about 6 weeks ago.

    ill give it a look though.
  4. DeusIgnis

    DeusIgnis New Member

    k, just tighened it up another notch.

    tried coming down hill, dumping it, no luck.

    the weird thing is that it wants to go, it does its little pop of the engine firing at regular intervals. could the timing be messed up or something?
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    for the stuck easy out
    can you possible use something hard and thin so as to pry out
    such as a dentist type of tool
    yes - easy outs are mountain rock hard
    if you can knock it or pry it out -- might work for you

    I am thinking of the straight type of easy out here (square)
    if it's the twist type (which I don't think are as good) may not work

    you got two of those THINGS to ride -- that's cool
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  6. BSA

    BSA Guest

    hey I get that problem sometimes, the engine only pops every now and again. I think the problem is due to the fuel starvation, as the engine only pops when it's getting fuel. try priming it up more or using WD-40 or starter fluid or somethin.

  7. DeusIgnis

    DeusIgnis New Member

    yeah, thats what i thought it would be first off.

    so i gutted carby, checked fuel line and everything that fuel flows through and it was all fine.

    going to try using the electrics from my 66 to see if that is the problem
  8. DeusIgnis

    DeusIgnis New Member

    well i tried with electrics from 66, no joy, so i came back to fuel problems so put the carby from the 66 on aswell, still no joy.

    So different electrics, sparkplug, carby, and no luck. where does that leave me? magneto? or w/e its called...
  9. Heshtek

    Heshtek New Member

    I don't know much but if i had to guess i would say either the magneto, spark plug or CDI box?
  10. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    easy way to put lack of gas out of the question

    pull plug -- pour in tablespoon of gas -- plug back in -- anyTHING ?

    if it fires a little -- gas problem
    if not -- elect problem

    I know -- it's a pretty simple THING -- but -- can cut through the chase at times

    ride that THING
  11. DeusIgnis

    DeusIgnis New Member

    that was one of the first things i did.

    im left looking at the magneto.

    tomorrow in going to finally get my 66cc to a machine shop and see if i can get the bolt out.
  12. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    just a guess -- if THINGS go right with that removal of bolt

    time spent 5 to 10 minutes

    cost should be between 5 to 7 dollars

    then it's back to riding that THING
  13. jlebh1

    jlebh1 Member

    hi my friend had a engine from motawizza and his was doing the exact same thing he sold it to a work mate for $50 (engine and bike) then the guy took the engine apart and the piston rings where in pieces there where no bearings and a big *** hole in the piston along with scorching in the head and on piston so that could be your problem...