old fart, can't stand cars

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    Well howdie folks.....I am putting a motor on my trike that was ment for pedaling only. But its just too heavy. Then I will build a tadpole trike with an electric motor, imposible to pedal. what fun it will be.:ack2:

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    Welcome to the forum. I don't dislike cars. I just try to drive only when necessary. Cheers
  3. graucho

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    Hello jawnn, welcome to MBc.
    I myself love cars but I also love any kind of bikes so your AOK in my book. Enjoy the group. Good luck on your project.
  4. Mountainman

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    from one old fart to another old fart

    welcome and have fun as you ride that THING
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    Welcome aboard.

    We think sorta alike, with some differences. I think of myself as being in "advanced youth". Love bicycles. And I actually do like most cars, but I hate the numbers of them and driving in traffic. It's way too much like standing in line.

    but the whole bicycle/MB scene is a great getaway.

    You'll like it here.

    See you around
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    Hey Jawnn,
    Welcome to the forum. Hope you'll be posting pictures of your trike project. What kind of trike do you have?
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    electric NO

    electric will put you in the poor house , i looked into it ., just pick yourself up a small 4 cycle,, at a pawn shop or lawnmower place add a clutch pulleys and your on your way...$150.00 tops
    got mine down to frame and painted, new tires on this week hopefully some parts will come in ,,send a pic of yours

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  8. jawnn

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    pictures and ideas

    so this is the trike I would love to have a leaning trike with the two wheels in the front. some one makes a kit to add a motor to this trike including an extended axle.



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  9. mikem

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    Nice Trike

    Nice trike jawnn. Unusual. Hope the motor project goes well !