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    I'm looking to build 2 engine driven bikes. I really don't want to buy a kit so I'm going-find the best engine for the value-route and am hoping to build around the engine:honda, tanaka, robin, or mitsubishi. Nothing that I bought made in china was ever of quality so I am want to go a more quality-driven route. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes. Have you looked around here to see anything you like?
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    You have a number of options, You need to first decide your bikes primary use and what you want it to do for you...

    Don't discount the Chinese kits! I've got one w/1,600 miles and still going! The gear box aint as quiet as it used to be, but still going!

    Take a roll through our picture section!
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    thanks for the input

    I'm building or should I say want to build 2 bikes. The primary uses will be to tool around town and to commute. I have 2 really good aluminum frames with decent forks and I'm limited to a max of 50cc due to my frickin' state. My son is quite large: 6 ft 220 lbs so I wish I could get a bigger engine for him. Thanks for replying and I'll not rule out a chinese kit. Meanwhile I'll ask questions here and poke around. Isthe grubee kit any good?
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    Tanaka and Mitsubichi are likely the best of the commonly available 2 strokes. The 50cc Honda and the Subaru Robin are the class of the 4 strokes, though I understand from reading about them here that the Chinese made Honda 50 copies, available from Harbor Freight and Hau Sheng are pretty darn good engines. I have a Golden Eagle rack kit mounted on a full suspension bike using a robin 35 engine. Smoooooooooooth. Tops out at about 27-28mph, but if I lean down over the bars to cut wind resistence I can get to 30 with no trouble. I'm running a 13 tooth drive gear but a 12 works better for hills, just not quite as fast.
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    Harbor Freight engine is a Mitsu TB50 clone (2 stroke) powerful and lightweight engine, inexpensive too. I've got one.

    Huasheng and Titan (from Dax) are Honda GX50 4 stroke clones.

    Subaru Robin 35 is less powerful than the above, but has remarkable record of durability, dependability and fuel efficiency, it is still made in Japan.