old fat bald guy (newbie?) ridin' his whizzer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by heboy29, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. heboy29

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    Hello all, I've been following the forum for a while now and wanted to introduce myself.
    I bought a 1999 Whizzer last year and have been riding occasionally as time has permitted.
    I have used some of the info here to good advantage making adjustments to my bike.
    Currently I am alternating my time between Maryland (home) and Virginia (my Dad's home).
    I have learned that old fat bald guys should not ride their Whizzers down old country roads ending in "...mill road", or think of it this way "what (road) goes down (usually) goes up.
    Other interests include working on old radios, guitar amps, guitars and other musical instruments. Oops, too long of a post. Bye for now.


  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Naaah, your post wasn't too long. We like to learn about each other.

    Is your bike not up to the hills in your neighborhood? That'd be a drag, because you're gonna have a hard time finding level rides.

    Oh well, keep us posted and have fun.
  3. heboy29

    heboy29 New Member

    Most of the hills aren't too bad, and I've gotten the bike to run better than when I first got it, but it's a process. However I will keep an eye out for those steep "mill roads" in the future.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Good deal.

    I have a couple of excellent customers right in the same sort of territory you're talking about. Just a few miles south of Harrisonburg VA. There's all sorts of bicyles in that neighborhood. These folks kinda look like Amish, but they're a bit different. Mennonites, I think. I visit yearly and I'm always so happy to be there. As a lifelong bicyclist, I feel right at home. But those hills are big enough that I don't exactly relish them. But I'm ready to try it on my motor assisted bicycle. That's sounding like fun.
  5. heboy29

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    Yep, Mennonites are nice folk. I'm a bit north of harrisonburg and was born here but raised in Maryland. I hope to move back here soon. I love the area and for the most part if you know the roads you can putt putt around with no problem. Like I said, for me this bike is a process. I'm tweeking it bit by bit. I adjusted the primary belt which was slipping using info from this site, so that problem is out of the way.
    I've adjusted the carb but I'm still not happy about the way it is running. I need to repack the rear hub next, as the rear brakes work intermittently and I expect the grease is old/dry. Then I may work on trying to increase the power a tad bit, as I am at the upper end of what the max weight limit is supposed to be.