Old German replica

Here's another new bike, ridden for the first time today.



This is a Spookytooth Violation model with 36t gearing and a different seat. I added fenders spray painted black. In order to get the fenders to clear the chains, I bent them with a long nose pliers and then hammered them with a block of wood to bend the fender out of the way.

I am really amazed at how fast it goes, but not too impressed with starting out, especially up a hill. I am still learning how to ride it so I will give it some time before making any judgements.

I am trying to make it look like an antique bike. I have some ideas on how to mod it, like a new gas tank, different handlebars and an old headlight and taillight, but for now I will just ride it and have fun with it. This is the design goal:


It looks better with the seat down low but it is hard for me to get it started from a stop when the seat is in a non-pedaling position.
I LOVE IT! thats somethin i would truly pay big bucks for. great bike, excellent work! :D :D :D

The Black Knight. I'ts nice but I would rather have the BMW 250.
Looks like it's heavy duty.
I like that look :D

How did you mount that tank? I can't quite see how it is bolted to the bike.
The tank mount came from Spookytooth, I think that there are self threading machine screws holding it to the top bar.
bling? multicolored grip streamers with sparkles?

Took it for a 40 mile run today, country roads, gravel roads, trails, small hills up and down. It did a great job. It is kind of a noisy thing, the gearbox makes the oddest noises when you slow down. Now to let it cool down and readjust everything.

My butt hurts.