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    A couple of weeks ago I acquired a beat up 50cc motorized bike. It had set out in the weather for several months and was missing a couple of parts. The motor is mounted in an old aluminum Wally World mountain bike frame.

    I've gotten the motor to run - there isn't much that can go wrong with a two stroke - and my plans are to swap the motor into a little bit better frame that has some brakes and a decent seat. I've got an idea of what I'd like the bike to eventually look like (hint: Google Swiss Army bike) and if I can make it happen I'll post some pictures.

    I've already picked up some good ideas from the site and I hope that you'll be patient with this old man.

    I'm semi-retired and I picked up the bike as a project. I'm a little too cheap to invest in an old Triumph or Harley right now so the bike gives me something with a motor to play with but hopefully won't bankrupt me. I've turned wrenches for work and fun most of my life.

    I just hope that 50cc's will be enough to haul my old butt around town - thankfully there aren't too many hills here in Oklahoma.