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Jan 3, 2019
Hello all, my name is Chris. I'm a 45 yr old white dude from london ontario canada, I'm a auto mechanic by day and an exotic male dancer at night going by the stage name Sparky Pall Mall. I am new to the forum but have been stalking the site for quite a while now. I have always been attracted to the simplicity of a bicycle ever since I was a child and have always wanted to put a motor on a bike. Over the last few years I started restoring older Raleigh 3 speed bicycles and thought now would be a good time to start. I was going to use and old raleigh I had laying around but quickly found out that bike was just going to take alot of work to make what I wanted out of my first build, so I just bought a cheap mountain bike. Not really knowing anything about motorized bicycles when I started out on my journey I bought my engine kit thinking they were all the same made in china engines, turns out there's alot of different types. I have a pk38. Zae50 rod low hole piston engine. I am still building my bike but have had it together and have driven it twice before I broke it lol. My plan was to run a jackshaft and a 7 speed derailleur. I installed the engine and Jack shaft and was waiting on my 7 speed cassette and derailleur to show up and decided to use the single speed freewheel that came with my cheap bike. I took my bike out for its maiden voyage and on my second trip I heard a loud Crack and I broke the freewheel off the rear wheel. Sinice then I have recieved the 7 speed freewheel cassette but on my mag wheels it makes the wheel way to wide to fit between the rear forks. I'm thinking I can fit a 5 speed cassette. I'll keep ya posted on how that works out and attach some pictures next time.
Nice to meet everyone.
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