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    Hi! I have been checking this forum for a while now and thought that it is about time I introduce myself. I live in Eastern Europe, Lithuania, it was a long winter this year so I have nearly finished building my bike. The idea of making a motorized bicycle came two years ago when I saw a video on youtube. I have started my project last summer, back then I was thinking how to make cheap and reliable motorbike. Now my bike needs just some finishing touches.

    There are the latest photos of my MB:

    I can give more details if anybody finds my project interesting.

    P.S. My English is far from perfect,but I hope everything is understandable.

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes Karolis!
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    You're english is better than a lot of people born here in the United States. You'll find building and riding motored bikes to be real enjoyable.
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    Welcome, Karolis. Yes, I'd like to know the details of your bike build. It looks very interesting. What's that box on the front with the rocker switches on it?


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    Welcome to the forum! Your build looks to be very unusual and creative. When you get farther along, please post more information about the engine and drive system. In the photos, it looks like the real wheel is driven by either or both sides? How will that work? Thanks for sharing! By the way, what is your profession? It looks like you have a lot of mechanical design experience.
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    Thank you for replies :) I am a last year student at local gymnasium. I have read a lot about building motorized bicycles, but the basic design was born in my head.

    My MB is built by combining two bicycle. Rear jackshaft where pedals used to be is for gear reduction. Overall gear ratio is about 16:1. It can be pedaled as well because engine drives only the left side of the rear wheel.

    I have used Jonsered CS2150 chainsaw as an engine, 3.1 hp @ 9000 RPM.
    EDIT: Compresion might me a bit low, about 80-100 psi, because I have compared it with newer saw and the difference was significant. Next thing on my plans is to change the piston ring.

    I can provide you with more photos of certain parts of my MB.
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    I have changed the piston ring and the cylinder gasket yesterday. Compression is great now but the gasket is still leaking a bit on one side. I am glad that it runs better than before :)

    One thing the bothers me now is the tire that I somehow managed to get punctured :D
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    Hi karolis,

    What are your sprocket sizes? I think your engine needs gear ratio near 19:1. Chainsaw engines like to rev high. Did you make changes after the pictures? Is your pedalling single sprocket or multi-speed?
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    Sprocket sizes: 14:48 and 10:46, 15.77:1 overall. I haven't changed anything except the repainting. I am pedalling multi-speed sprocket, but gears are fixed and used only for gaining enaugh speed for engine to take off. Of course I can change the gear by manualy adjusting cable on derailleur.

    All new photos will be uploaded there:
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