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  1. Fred Fry

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    Our weather has gone to **** here.
    I wish I lived where I could ride year round.
    I rode just a couple days ago and am getting withdrawls already.
    I will have to dress for it I guess. Complete with facemask. LOL
    I started out with an electric drive 4 years ago and wanted a longer range.
    I bought a used staton friction drive the next year with a honda 31.
    I ran the honda 31 until this spring and had a blast with it.
    This spring I got a honda 50 because I needed the extra torque to pull the little camping trailer I made with a 50 gal rubbermaid container.
    The setup worked really great and the container kept all my camping supplies dry.

    I did a week camping trip up north ( 120 miles 1 way) and had a blast. ( minus the 2 flat tires.)
    This forum is great. It has been very helpful to me.
    After all it gave me the idea to make my little trailer. Thus many happy memories. Fred

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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll have fun. Keep us posted.