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    Hello everybody!...I've been on here for over a year and I don't think I;ve said hi!....I have a brand new Schwinn Legacy cruiser,and been cruisin' like mad!...Bought it for Myself on My 54th Birthday that was on the 31st of last month....I've also picked up some parts of a scooter the rear half with all controls,batt. but no Key,Its an x-cooter brand,don't know the model,or the size of cc's I have been trying to find out more about it but have ran into a deadend.It has a two stroke with electric start,and 5 to 1 gearbox.I've ripped it apart and glass beaded some of the junk off the blower and outside of the g/box,the sprocket was rusted tight to the shaft,so after a few days soaking in PB/Blaster I was able to get it off,and blasted that too.When I opened the g/box it was full of something that resembled chocolate milk!...YUK!...so after a good cleaning in the parts washer it looked brand new...Now...what is the best lube or oil that should be in there?...And how much?....I've scoured this site and several others to no end.....So anyone know?...or what thread to find the answer in?.....Just "Pedal faster Bro!" You'll catch 'em....Tigmaster....

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    sounds interesting and a little bit more extensive than this welcome post is for.

    Welcome and good luck with your quest.
    You will find the answers......... :)
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    Thanks for the Hello,and a quick return to My post...as for My rambling...Its a curse....but where do I post My questions?.....tigmaster...
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    Thanks Dave...movin' on to general discussion.....Tigmaster...