Old Ratrod Project

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  1. Drunkskunk

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    No, its not finished. I thought I would throw up some progress pics of my bike, and hopefully get some feedback and inspiration as I go. I'll be adding pics as I progress

    But for now, what I have is a Columbia. I was told it was a 1954, but that may be wrong. there's brass from the frame brazing over the serial number, and none of the parts appear to be original, so it could be anything from a 1920 up to a '55.

    I've also got an 80cc (66) HT and a shifter kit, and I just built up a rear wheel with a 55mm wide rime and a Sturmey-Archer wide ratio internal hub with a drum brake.

    The front fork is the original Biplane fork. I like they style, but it was meant for a 70mm hub and had been stretched badly. I reshaped it for a standard 100mm hub, then added beefy dropouts for a quick release hub and a boss for disk brakes. the new dropouts add 2 inches to the length of the bike.

    The front hub will be replaced with a wide hub like the rear, but the spokes aren't here for it yet.

    No idea what color I'm painting it yet. I'v considered semi gloss black with a cherry lacker.

    Fork u

    Fork u 2

    Bike p0rn

    Moar Bike p0rn

  2. Great bike , I wouldnt paint her tho .
  3. Adams77

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    Pimp that bad boy just like it is!
  4. Looks great. That paint is awesome as-is. I'd probably paint the fork to match though.
  5. Basementchoppers

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    Very nice.... Don't paint it!!!
  6. motorpsycho

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    don't paint it black & red!! black & red is so played out these days.
    seems like any time someone has something "rat-rod" they paint it flat black & gloss red.
    do something original, or just leave it as it is.
    it's a cool looking bike and i like the style..but i think it either needs a nice glossy paint job, or keep the original paint.
    it should either be a rat rod with the original dull red paint, or a hot rod with glossy paint.
    just my opinion for what it's worth.
  7. I like the current paint job.
  8. Drunkskunk

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    Progress Pics

    A new pic. I got to take this thing out for a ride today. The motor is off for the moment. it still won't fit with the crank in place but I'm working a solution. I made up spacers to center the crank. they work well enough to ride, but I still need to take it apart and pull the bearings out of the sealed spindle to add the spacers inside instead of outside.
    The brakes work. I had to weld up a brake bracket to the back. I just don't trust P clips on a drum brake at the speeds this thing will go.
    The Wide ratio 5 speed hub is Wide. It should work out perfect for a gas motor.
    The seat post is actually a stem that wouldn't fit the old fork, so I did a bit of welding, and now I have a more comfortable seat.

    As for the paint, I had hoped to save it when I started, but I have lots of welding and fitting still to do. There may not be much left.
    I plan to run all the cables inside the frame, which means brazing on supports for the holes, and anything that goes on the bike for the motor, I plan to weld a mount for. I'm trying to avoid any straps or clamps around the frame.

    Bike in progress

    This was the bike when I got it. It was a hard thing to start chopping on it. If it's not this cool when I'm done, I'll be pi$$ed at my self.

    As it Started
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  9. bangbang880

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    bike looks great. I love the paint too. If you get to save it. or maybe redo it.
    Question, i am looking for brown grips that will fit with a throttle on. do yours?
    cant wait to see your progress. good luck
  10. bangbang880

    bangbang880 New Member

    AND, if you don't mind sharing? Where is that seat from?? Its great!
  11. Drunkskunk

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    The hand grips are sewn leather over some kind of foam rubber. I think they can be stretched over the throttle. I'm going to try anyways. no idea where they are from.
    The seat is a Persons Saddle, vintage unknown but probably from the 30s or 40s.
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  12. Drunkskunk

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    I took it out for a ride today!

    well, Pedal power. Had to make sure it's a viable bicycle first. It rides grate although the mods to the fork mean the trail is so short, the bike won't self correct, and the laying over riding position means my weight is on the bars, so I'll have to watch it if I take a hand off the bar, it will want to steer that direction.
    The Upside is having a short trail means it tracks really well,and feels like I'm raiding on a rail.

    In other words, it handles like a sports bike, but it has the likes of a cruiser. Just what a board track racer should be, IMHO.

    I think it's time for the motor.
  13. Nick Danger

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    Take a look at my "Rat Rod". It is in the photo section under rat rod. you could put some colored wire protectors around wires. Remember a "Rat Rod" means as it is, no repaint.
  14. Drunkskunk

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    Interesting. is that an original seat on that '37? Looks to be the same model mine is. That helps me narrow down the date of this bike a little better.
  15. KiM

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    Nice looking bike their DrunkSkunk but...wheres the electric ?? Have you
    become an ICE convert?

  16. Drunkskunk

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    They haven't converted me yet!

    I have a plan for that, but I got to get the thing running on gas first. I've sort of been not mentioning that part, but the Shifter kit is basically a heavy duty version of the Cyclone freewheel crank. won't take much to add something like that. Something of the RC variety most likely.
  17. KiM

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  18. motorpsycho

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    so you are running a 7 speed rear hub with internal gears? and then a jackshaft going to the sprocket?
    man, that bike is going to fly!!!!
    I love it...wish i had gears on mine.
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  19. motorpsycho

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    those exact brown grips that you have are available at wal mart.
    they also have a seat just like the one you have on there...but i don't think it's a parsons seat.