Old school cruiser build, with 66cc

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    Hello to all, I have recently finished my gasbike. My name is Carlos Gonzalez in Miami Florida where I can ride my gasbike year round

    I joined thid forum to see if I can get a few anwers for some problems that I have had with the bike. IE chain coming off, not sure how much play I should have. Also carb keeps slipping of , at the moment its in place using bailing wire.
    The plastic ring that was the seal between the carb and piston housing became brittle a feel apart.

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    Hi. I noticed your tensioner is on top pushing dwn. Maby there is a reason for it, mine is on bottom pushing up. The carb issue can you bend the metal so its tighter or cut and wrap a pop can around for filler.
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    Thanks for the idea's