old school mini bike finished...

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  1. give me vtec

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    here is the finished product. I wish it was legal because it has all the torque in the world to pull my trailer.... well that and it is a ton of fun.

    I know, I know... the chain is a little loose.


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    Wow that brings back memories of my youth. I had one similar to that back in 1974 with a 4hp. Tecumseh. Tons of fun and fast till I defeated the governor, over-revved that bad boy and threw a rod right thru the crankcase at about 30mph. That's one cool ride. I want one but no where to ride it around here. Have a good time on it.
    Tim (a/c man)
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    is that a 6.5 HP honda GX..
    I have that same engine on my power washer !!!!

    OH no i HAD BETTER NOT Kinda need the power washer !!!

    Cool ride ....
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    why not, you can pick one of these up on ebay brand new for around 350 shipped. The clutch, spray paint, and chain was about another 50. Its actually very well made... and its made here in the usa (well the frame is anyways).

    You know, you can always just use the garden hose....
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    That was

    The first moterized vehicle I ever drove, Way back in 1972 !!!!
    I think it had a briggs.
    The old blade edger motors that had a horizontal shaft.
  7. Does the right handle run the throttle?
  8. give me vtec

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    yes it does... silver is go, black is stop.
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    Sweet! Simple and very clean. I hope you find a place to ride it freely.
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    Reminds me of the Old Cushman Scooters