Old School Schwinn with SA Dyno Drum

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  1. Was just looking at the light on the Corvette posted below. That would go good with this Dynamo. Sturmey Archer says it will put out a little more power at the higher speeds but would be limmitting. Great hub. Im used to the X-FD the XFDD feels like its about a pound more when your lacing the wheel. BIG OLE PORK CHOP.. WITH POWER! WOO HOO

    This baby got the front drum, 12 ga stainless Lance Armstrong Spokes, Pyramid Reissue Springer front end, Four finger Canti lever, Shimano rear hub (12 ga model) All with Steel hoops(rims) , Thorn proof rear tube, Saddle Adj., Rear running light, Port matched(carfully bellied square match, Chrome plated Steel Fenders, and Cat equiped with an optional flush cleanout on the end(ran w/o plug sounds like chopper)

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  2. macLovin

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    nice bike, bro. did you make that front mount
  3. Yes

    Yes I fab these mounts they have to be a certain length for each manufacturer. I like this mount better than the stockers. Plus I use 10.9 hardened bolts through it. Both front and back mounts are American SAE. The front is 3/8" Grd5 and rear is 1/4" B7 Grade Which is more malleable than grade 8 but stronger than grade 5 Ver Durable. These in combo make for a bullet proof shakeless ride. Oh rubber Mtd(Very Very thin Damping Rubber) actually the same engine mounted with the casted in mounts on a Mt bike taken off and mounted like this on a cruiser and your acceleration is steadier and there is no vibrated gas loss in the bowl to needle transaction. The frame seems to allow it to vibrate very little. This also makes the frame more rigid. You have to press, push and pull and get it alligned where you need it while cinching the mount bolts down to where you are at the lowest mountable position so as not to pull one tube toward the other. also the angle on the front saddle is compensated by drumming or grinding the top of the saddle halfmoon opening. That way they seat flat. Ive done a lot of different bikes with this mount so I've got it down.
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    Slick ride, Love those old bikes hope to get one myself someday and restore it like that.
  5. Sturmey Archer XFDD

    The front drum on this hubs power is current limmited and the Max output is basically @ 20mph between 20 -30mph there is a little gain in power then after 30 mph+ the output doesnt really gain in amplitude. I just ordered more of these from my distributer and He had the info from Sturmey. There is Steel versions of the XFD and XFDD on the way also. And I will be getting them for this summer. You wouldnt beleive the options you can go with on this Brand they offered to make a build specific Hub for me @ a quantity of 35+. Oh buddy all my free time is going to oil injection for a certain factory and the blueprint of the hub Im Comming up with.

    Basically if we come up with a working intake oil injected carburetor they will at least allow the Importatioin of carbless Chinese engine kits. As far as I hear from our factory they don't plan on bringing thier engines to oil injection technology until sales to Africa and South America start getting the same EPA regulations. They are however still in the game for the 4 strokers next year. Our factory we order from has been calling me at night ..He works hand in hand with us and Engineers so We get the Info. The new 4 stroke will have been VERY thought out as this is the only Exportation to North America Available after 2010. They want to have hands down the most durable and affordable. The factory Rep and Engineers told me they are not happy with the power of thier HauShen Shan and are doing 60hr weeks to develope thier more durable and powerful engine kit(4 stroke). I did get one of the inbetween 4 strokers It looked the same but no bell problem .Must have been heavier duty. I did'nt run it throuhg OHAUS into the Database(Auto Cad) Though.

    This Model will be available in 4 stroke again. It is actually a new bike brother. You don't even need to rebuild an old one these days. They have factories farmed out to build these huge tubed 1955 reissue Bikes the wheels are alloy standard though and have the Econo Falcon hub. Must takle care of that one. I used a Shimano out back with12 ga Spokes and steel wheel to take some maintanence and move it out to 400 miles every overhaul as to about 250 miles. The brake on a Shimano is a little more responsive than a falcon coaster brake.
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