old schwinn fork compatablity issues


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Apr 11, 2008
I have searched and haven't found anything thus far about this, but if it is in the archives let me know and we can spare some board space, so any ways...
I have a 73 Schwinn Suburban which has tiny 1'1/4 tires and the road vibration is terrible. I am going to get a bit bigger tires but I can't fit a big 3" tire under the mud guards. I want to get forks for it, but I don't know what kind of compatibility issues I will run into. Do i have to get the old spring style forks? or with the proper tube size and can i get pnumatic ones? Where I could find a fork to fit this bike or at least what dimensions I should measure I need to find my own?
Any info would be greatly appreciated
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With 27" wheels you are very limited in what is available. The only tires I know of still available to fit 27" wheels are the 1 1/4's and maybe 1 1/8's. the fatter tires you see on what are called cross or hybrid bikes use a wheel called a 700c which is smaller in diameter than the 27" As for a suspension fork for your bike again you are very limited and what is possibly available, and to make it fit will require some serious problem solving. The first thing you have to overcome is the steerer tube dia. you need a 1 in. and there aren't many aftermarket forks these days with 1in. dia steerers. Assuming you find one on e-bay used then you need one with a long enough steerer to fit your bike to figure this length measure the head tube of the frame and add 2in./50mm if the steerer is threaded and more like 4in. if the steerer is threadless. The next area you will need to consider is the headset. The one currently in your bike is not the same as a contemporary 1" headset. All of these things can be over come but you don't just go into your local bike shop and find what you need to do it. And then you need to consider weather or not its all worth the trouble whenn you can probably pick up a brand new schwinn from walmat with a springer for $150.00

Yes the road vibrations are terrible due to the skinny tires but 27 inch wheels and your 36 tooth sprocket yet you built a bike made for speed.
Now where does the vibrations bother you?
Maybe get a wider more cushiony seat?
That may help out a bit.
Cause really,you want comfort,you may need to scope out Garage sales,Thrift Stores and Flea Markets for that 20 dollar mountain bike with the fat tires and the front shocks.
They're out there. 20 bucks oh yea.
Just remember you'll probably go a bit slower unless you find one with 27 inch rims. 26 inch rims you may lose some on the top end.
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The seat is very big and almost too springy, so no problems there. The vibrations are mostly from the handle bars, which is why i would like a springer or better yet gas shocks. Well see if a true set of tires makes enough difference. I hoped to get away with a bolt on part, but I think you guys maybe right about just biting the bullet and buying a new/different bike. Thanks for the info, I guess i'll just live with it till i get the next bike...
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