Old shcool handle bar...........

Wald and Pyramid Pro are two comanies making retro parts.
Wald has a PDF catalog on their website showing the items they have (incuding handlebars).
I could not locate a company website for Pyramid but a number of retailers sell their items.

I made these Shelby-style handlebars myself, I couldn't find any place that made new ones, and actual vintage ones that were still solid enough to use would have cost way more than what I spent making these:
(scroll down to where it shows the black & white handlebar pic)

As for forks, you need to link to a picture of exactly what you're wanting, there's a bunch of different kinds that were used. Some you can find something similar to now, some you can "fake" and some you'd have to fabricate yourself.
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Handle bars

I have made a pair of those I could sell you, I'll have to take pics to see if you like them, Mike
That is something like what I was looking for Nice site by the way...
=) Is there a site out there for moding a bike into a a old looking bike.
Thanks for posting all these great links. I finally found the behive forks I've been looking for . Sorry to go OT
Scottm, Its no need to be sorry. This is what its all about here show each of us where to get the kick but items...
And have fun....
What site did you get from
I think the lowrider site has a lot of nice junk. like old school in some ways.

(((((((( Feel Free to post links if you want to and talk))))))))))))