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    Hi All,
    I wanted to say hi. I was selling a 1940's Whizzer on ebay, but keep getting stuck with deadbeat bidders and scammers so I'm out at least for a while.
    One of the members here was telling me quite a bit about my bike. He knew the year and its upgrades just from the pictures and serial numbers.
    I got the bike about 20 years ago. My wifes grandfather gave it to me. He had taken his daugter (my mother inlaw) for a pull behind it on her rollerskates, he turned she didn't. After they returned from the hospital the bike was rolled into the barn and labled to dangerous for use. That was 1948 the last year it was registered or so I think, that is the date on the plate. I have had the bike since 1989 and have done nothing with it (I know what a slacker). It still has the dirt from the barn on it. I never even cleaned it. I just keep packing it up when ever I move, with the intention of restoring when I get settled. The motor still spins free, the front brake worked or at least stopped. I put newer tires on it so I could at least roll it around the garage. The original tires had some nasty gunk on them that never dried and would mark the floor where ever you parked it. It was either park it on cardboard or change the tires, so new tires it was. The rear tire never seated correctly I may have purchased the wrong size modern over vintage I think price was my main motivation. I can't say it's in great shape it needs a "complete" restoration he was not carefull in the barn some silver paint spilled on the tank obscuring the Whizzer logo partly and the exhaust pipe disapeared long before I got my hands on it. The engine number is H-18721 if anybody knows more about this machine I'd love to hear about it or if you would like pictures let me know. The ebay listing is still up if you google Whizzer on ebay the auction is over, but that's my bike.
    Thanks for reading my rant,