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    Hello everyone....

    I picked up a good winter project, it's a 1947 Whizzer that needs a complete rebuild. The engine is a H-4173 and the bike is a Columbia Clipper, I took the engine apart except for the crank. I can't seem to get it out and I don't want to hurt it, is there some special way to remove it, like applying heat to it or some other way to safely remove it.......thanks....Ed

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    Ed - Keep the heat away from the engine. LOL. Quinton is the fella you need to talk to, sounds like you have a real find there, there are not a lot of the old Whizzers left out there to find and restore any more. Have fun, Dave
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    Hi Ed
    If that engine number is correct, that motor is a very early 1946 or even one of the few that made it into circulation in late 1945. Nice find. Quenton is the one to talk to about the proper way to rebuild that engine. The H motor I have is a Quenton rebuild. I should have the bike restored and the engine installed by spring.


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    Hi Whizzer58,
    Did you remove the rod yet? If so turn the crankshaft so that the throws will clear the case [on the side cover side]. Place the flywheel bolt back into the end of the crankshaft and tighten [left handed threads]. Use a large brass drift or block of hardwood and place against the bolt, use a hammer and hit the drift or block of wood until the crankshaft comes out of the case. Most of the time the large ball bearing will come out with the crankshaft, use a puller to remove the bearing. You should replace the bearings, but the needle bearing in the side cover is no longer made by Timken. The gaskets, large ball bearing, seal, rings, and rod bearings are still available. The earlier "H" motor uses different size head bolts, so be careful when re-installing [can break fins on cylinder]. I have a lot of vintage parts, and can tell you where to find most parts if I don't have them.

    Have fun,
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    Whizzer Crank Removal

    Remove the flywheel, cam cover and cam from the engine. Rotate the crank such that the counterweights will clear the case when it is driven out, and with the engine case held in your hand with the cam cover down, hit the drive end of the crank with a brass hammer, or other dead blow hammer. This will drive the crank from the case and you will have the crank, with the large roller bearing mounted on it, in your hand. The large roller bearing can be removed from the crank in a similar fashion by supporting the outer race of the bearing in a vice (by selecting the right jaw opening you can just catch the outer race of the bearing on the edges of the jaws) and again hitting the drive end of the crank with a brass hammer to drive it through the bearing. In both cases be sure to have your hand below the case or vice to catch the crank as it pops free.
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    Thanks guys, I don't know what I would do without all the help on this site. Thanks again....Regards Ed