Older bicycle frame joints?

Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by cory, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. cory

    cory Guest

    One more question about older frames. Cleaned up my motor mount and seat post welds today and noticed Some of the joints on my old Firestone bike dont look welded or brazed. This must be normal otherwise the bike would have fell apart 50 years ago, but I would like to understand the reasoning and how this works, or if I should do some more welding to these joints.:???:

  2. E/F Frame Construction

    Hi Cory
    Im not sure if other manufactures used E/F( electro forge welding) for fabricating their frames. Schwinn spent lots of money to set up their manufacturing process. I trust their frames above all others! And even at 50 miles per hour. The joints can almost look invisable. Check out this linc it explains how the old Schwinn baloon tire bikes were made to be bomb proof.


  3. cory

    cory Guest

    Thank You!!!!

    Hey thanks brent! Just took another look at those joints and your right. Wire brushed around the back bone joint at the neck conection and could see little slage balls the size of a pin head from the electrode arce. Thanks again sir.:grin: