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    I have been playing with these stupid things for several years now and still haven't learned a thing because I'm now starting on a third one.as my china motors and Micargi pos bicycles have all worn out and/or self destructed it is now time to start with new stuff. I am starting with a Skyhawk aluminum frame and a nice strong pair of wheels/tires with Sturmey-Archer drum brakes. In the process of trying to select the right engine for the job I'm starting to question my choice of 2-strok/e power - Would a 4-stroke be a smarter choice ?. as I enjoy wasting money I don't have on shiney little do-dads that I don't need I tend to lean towards the 2-strokes. One question I have is where to get a good base motor to start with, they all claim to have the best but many fall short and I'm hoping that the forum members can offer some advise here. I'm also half convinced that I want the Jaguar Ignition and Pipe plans but don't know how/where to find them. I'll take all the advise I can get and might even pay attention to some of it . Thanks All ! - Ride On!