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    Hello all...2nd or 3rd (could be 4th) childhood came out and I picked up on old ZIP CYCLE. They were made in Alabama and went out of Biz some years ago, but they used a Mercury 26 inch coaster brake bicycle that works pretty well. The motor, as many of you probably know, is a small 25cc Homelite 2 cycle with a friction final drive on the rear wheel.

    Getting all the pieces put together (bought it in a box), so we have a new project. Will look around the forums for parts, advice and maybe a bit of encouragement from time to time.

    Looks like a great site and anxious to get to know you all. I am in Florida. No hills, plenty of sunny days, some rain and a lot of bugs. Have a great day and REMEMBER OUR VETS this Holiday.

    BikerBob (robet2420)

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    welcome aboard.

    I don't know hardly anything about that engine. But I've seen it mentioned on this site before. So I'll bet someone will come along who's more familiar than I.

    You'll have fun. We'll see you around.
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