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Dennis Becraft

I already posted a reply to someone asking about powered trailers. That will give you some idea of where I'm at. I'm 58 and arthritic, but retired and ready to go on some long tours. I did a coast to coast on my Goldwing last winter, but I think doing it on a bicycle will be much more adventurous & satisfying. I'm always trying to invent something. I've got ideas on how to use wind power as much as possible for bike touring. Believe it or not there are vehicles that use wind power to go directly into a headwind. I'm working on how to apply those principles to bicycles. Some think this is an attempt at perpetual motion, but no energy is being created, just cleverly diverted. As you may know sailboats can tack upwind. Going upwind can now be done without 'zigzagging' like a sailboat, and it works much better on land than in water.
My other interests are boating, motorcycles, photography (primarily 3D lately), ultralight airplanes, kites, anything to do with wind energy and science/technology/engineering in general.
It sounds unlikely, but I have a way to make a kite useful for bicycle power. Anybody here interested in any of this?



Welcome to MBc Dennis.
I am interested in all your projects. Windpowered might be best in The Whitezone Forum.