omg finished my other bike with a honda gx160 clone 4 stroke

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by pghewins, Aug 15, 2016.

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    not all sorted but running cvt and pull start best advice i loved my 66cc 2 stroke but throw it away this thing is so quiet and ridiculously fast like mental quick gps on phone said max speed 57 and im still playing with the set up out the box no vibration no noise massive torque compared to 66 need to adjust gearing as it will power wheelie i bought the engine from a kart company so it may not be 6.5 hp now as it has different carb cams exhaust and valves still i paid £120 for it with very few miles on it

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    Well I think I'm sold on 4 strokes now... So what size was the motor? 79 or larger?
  3. Frankenstein

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    Nvm I found it duh lol
  4. pghewins

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    err 160 lol
  5. pghewins

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    a bit heavier and bigger than the 2 stroke but bloody fast and no vibration and loads quieter i use mine 15 miles a day and saving me money on 2 stroke oil already ebarth a german company do a clone led to believe as good a quality as honda for 80 uk pounds for 6.5 hp anyone tells you their 66 has more hp just say yes and agree to meet them for a race for every cent they have lol get a cvt 59 pounds and its really torquey it wheelies or if you are insane try a honda gx 667 clone yes thats 667cc lol i would go for gx 160 or 200 though even the gx 50 which my mate has kills the 2 strokes with a cvy and you dont wakr up the entire neighbourhood
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    i loved my 66/80 cc i loved playing with it but but i was always playing with it just to keep it running the honda gx series is used in fire pumps and tested to destruction for 10000 operating hours if serviced i will never go back dont know where your from but in the uk they use these engines in a go kart series so tune up parts if you have lost all sense of self preservation are easily available
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    This is America, where go karts are nearly as abundant as American flags and welfare offices.

    I think I'll be able to find plenty of supplies, specially so close to the boonies and with the internet abound.

    Thanks for posting, it just shows that everything is useful at one point or another on the forums. I was looking at 4 strokes, found that 79cc was a bit underpowered, and 212 was just too big for my application. Was looking at 98cc doodlebug motors, but this 160 looks like real fun. I also am going to pick up a manual clutch for my motor, I just can't seem to get the knack for an automatic. I wish my 92 explorer was easily converted to a manual shift I'd be in heaven. Especially because it will keep my wife out of my truck too lol.
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    But isn't the engine expensive relative to the hf 212?
  9. Frankenstein

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    If it's a genuine honda heck yeah it will be
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    in europe we can get eberth german clones err its german its as good as the honda or pretty much the chineses clone the engine as well a genuine honda is pricey but the clones are way more reliable than 2 strokes and in the region of 70 pounds unsure in dollars i think it would be about 110 dollars for 5.5 hp and about 90 pounds for 6.5 hp but the 6.5 is a 200 and a bit too big and heavy for most bike frames
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    eberth are german clones of the honda engine very very good quality and cheap
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    yes a genuine honda is but a hf 212 is the same thing as any honda clone really
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    20160626_192215.jpg 20160626_192129.jpg 20160626_192053.jpg 20160617_150943.jpg 20160617_151034.jpg

    Honda GX160 50mph


    Running video here
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    cost aside, fyi

    specs on real thing. am an ebiker in oz, as one must be legally be, & am a minimalist at heart, so little ones appeal 2 me. am sure can find bigger ones on this site

    way cool they are so light. 2.7kg for 25cc 700w or 35cc 3.2kg for 1kw constant.

    a 1 kwh lifepo4 pak is 11kg & $400us+.

    i also love the "anyway up carby" on a bike.

    girly stuff by u standards, but huge by ebike standards pound for pound.

    a 22kg mtb + ~3.2kg 1 kw motor connected to derailleurs & 16/24 gears and a ~80kg rider... To me, thats awesome.
  15. Invest in some safety gear that's fast