OMG!!! Just got ran over!!

Discussion in 'Travelling, Commuting & Safety' started by smurfer, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. smurfer

    smurfer Guest

    Yup it finally happened after three years od riding, anyway I was on the sidewalk with the motor off cruising at 15 mph just when I was about to cross the street this suv pulls right in front of me, OH sh*t I kinda just threw the bike as I was laying it down really no time I ended up in front of the suv's right front tire and she still moving foward I crawled out the way for life as she's moving foward I hear CRUNCH she runs over the L front fork leg and wheel and then stops. Then she puts the thing in reverse and runs over my bike again!! :shock: the same fork leg!!

    EDIT: smurfer is having probs with his pics, stay tuned. augidog

    Anyway I came out a little skathed none the least but nothing broken and get this although I thought for sure the frame forks & everything was bent but to my surprise nothing was bent craked or conpromised I couldn't believe it! RST forks made a believer out of me along with the F&R bike. I told her to pay me 400.00 she gave me 380.00 for the whole mess.

  2. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    wow! i'm glad those pics are of the rim & fork instead of your leg :roll:
  3. pics aren't workin...

    glad you're ok and at least you got some cash out of it- let me know when the PTS wears off tho...
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    that's my fault :oops:

    smurfer, if you're having a problem thumbing your pics, just repost them as is, i'll live :D
  5. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I want to see the pics!!!

    I think im going to get hit many times per day. People driving cars do not watch out for bikes. Every time I ride down my street and someone is about to pull out of a driveway or sidestreet, I think "I am about to die" but then they see me and nothing happens.
  6. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Oh, I am glad that you are ok!

    I always say "If I am going to crash, I will put myself before the bike because I can heal and my bike can't"
  7. Getting hit sucks! At least you weren't hurt and made a little profit too. Always remember they never see you.
  8. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Tom- We need a "pavement hall of fame", first splotchy star is the Smurfer.
    Don't let the meth heads hear they can profit in this manner, an epidemic will occur.....
  9. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    getting hit

    Smurfer you are lucky !!! I got hit last yr by a SUV and her insurance payed me the price of a whizzerd as that was the only bike I could find at the time :) but a broken tail bone was not fun you never relise that sneezing or laughing will hurt your tail :)

  10. Re: getting hit

    LOL - :lol:
  11. i got flying by and ally luckly alls they did was bend the petal all the way to the frame i did learn something that turns out i can fly a good 25 feet and only have a realy sore butt
  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Back country roads, coming to an intersection, and a pickup truck w/ cattle trailer is stopped, probably doing the cell phone dealio, taking up the whole left hand side of the road, plus a little bit of center of the road at the same time.

    Plenty of room to get by, but as I ease to the stop sign, I notice a damn Cadillac in my mirror, RIGHT ON MY ASS, tire on the shoulder. WTF! :shock:

    Most any other intersection I might of had a shoulder, but in my "reaction" I ended up in a 4 foot deep culvert. Kept on my feet however, just kinda held on to the handlebars and rassled it out, cussing the Cadillac the whole times. I think the Caddy was a reddish mauve.

    The truck driver hollers my way "that old man didnt even see you until your helmet flew off!"

    My only "other" incident involved another Cadillac, a purplish color.

    You know how you are on a curvish state road, with a two-three foot shoulder, and traffic backs up. Well, this Cadillac is the only one behind me, and I'm headed into a long downhill straightaway, gaining speed, if he wants to pass he can.

    NO cars coming, I'm gaining speed, and the Cadillac still hangs back.

    FINALLY he passes me, right as I'm topping out at 33-35 mph. AND THE MF MAKES A RIGHT HAND TURN INTO A DRIVEWAY. He coulda waited seconds longer, not even bothered me by passing/turning. Instead, his fat purple ass is taking up the shoulder I'm using.

    In the next shoppers guide ad I ran, I thanked the county drivers for their courtesy, "EXCEPT FOR TAG #25F-165549, a Purple Cadillac near Simcoe, who drives like an idiot".

    Weeks later at a diner I sometimes stop at in Simcoe, (about 15 miles away) the diner's owner said my ad caught a lot of attention, and the Cadillac owner has been properly alerted.
  13. smurfer

    smurfer Guest

    frnt rim

    Tom I got your email, I didn't have any problems posting the pics, your forum just lacked an attachment button. I usually run my pics through the jpeg optimizer when posting thumbs in other forums. Glad you got the upload button it makes things a lot easier without me having to host them.
  14. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i said it before, and i'll say it again...

    good to see ya, smurfer, Tom got it all fixed up for ya 8)
  15. osalsa

    osalsa Guest

    I'm brand new to the forum, just joined today, and after reading this topic I just have to put in my $.02. I've been riding my GEBE outfit for close to three years and it was just this summer that I had my first close call- very much like Bamabikeguy's experience with the Caddy. Same deal- I was cruising along on the shoulder when an SUV driven by a teenager passed me, foot in the carburetor, then suddenly swerved right in front of me to turn into a drive. It was pure reflex that squeezed the brakes, and I came WAY close to running right into him. Fact is, I've got a disc on the front and I swear it saved my butt. Anyway, I followed him into the parking lot and as calmly as possible asked him if he was trying to kill me. His reply:" I thought there was plenty of room". There was nothing else to do but go on my way, pissed as hell.

    I have noticed that there is something about driving a car on a road behind a bicycle that sparks the impulse to pass, pass, pass! It doesn't matter if the speed limit is twentyfive and I'm going thirtyfive, it seems that no automobile driver can tolerate not passing me. It must be that the assumption is, if it's a bike, no matter how fast it's going, it's going too slow to stay behind it. Strange.

    I have taken steps to make sure that drivers behind notice me. From the first I have used a dayglo flag on the bike, and it works pretty well. But nothing is as effective as the Dinotte red LED tailight mounted on my helmet: 140 lumens flashing like a highway patrol car, the cars slow down and do their best to take the opposite lane to pass. Unbelievable! I've been using this light for a couple of months now, and it works great at night and during the day. Helps to relax the anal sphincter.

    I just stumbled onto this forum and am very happy to have found it. After almost three years, finally some like-minded riders! I'm always asking Dennis at GEBE to connect me with some of his other customers, but it never happens. He did describe some fellow from Alabama who rides a 25cc GEBE on LONG trips, and my bet is he's on this forum. It's a pleasure reading your posts, Bamabikeguy.

    I am presently riding a "comfort" bike with a 47cc Tanaka, gobs of power but only about 70% of the mpg I got with the 40cc. I've got a basket on the front and pull a trailer when I'm hauling heavy stuff. My biggest gripe is the noise. Any of these two strokes is too loud for me, and I ALWAYS wear earplugs. I'm still searching for the posts for flatproof tires on this forum. I've been using Specialized Armadillo tires and have had no flats yet. I do dread when that happens because with the fenders and everything else bolted to this bike, it will take 2 hours to fix!

    I'm starting to ramble. Better stop now.

  16. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    hi, osalsa & welcome 8)

    yup, "right-turners" are the bane of biking, for sure, i lost two rear wheels to them in florida, neither one of them would re-imburse me, & the cops wouldn't give me a substantial enuff report to be able to sue :evil:

    i've tried using airless tires on my bike (see my picture gallery)...i have to say that they've performed very nicely, but they are low profile & i was losing a lot of top-end speed. under the proper application/fit, they would be the way to go, 100 miles on them and no signs of undue wear or stress.

    now i'm rambling...

    augidog 8)
  17. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I always assume that people are going to turn right into me, and do my best to be prepared. I also always shout obscenities at drivers that give me close calls.
  18. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    OSALA welcome to the site if you check out the "other sites" you will find sites some of us are on......ask Augie about those tires he has a pr. and seems to love them. and welcome to the insane 2 wheel ad :lol: :lol:

    diction :)

  19. bird

    bird Guest

    i got hit yesterday. some guy did a u turn right infront of me out of a parking lot into another lot jumping the curb and everything, i thought he was going to keep going down the street but side swiped me right when i got along side of him. got me pretty good i was going about 30 when it happened my arm snagged under his passenger side mirror ripping it off, cutting and brusing my arm pretty bad. my clutch lever hit the door smashing it against my fingers and snapping off over my smallest. i hit hard enough to fly over the bars hitting my thighs on them and getting my front wheel stuck in the wheel well of his car throwing me into the parking lot. i got alot of cuts and bruises, but i got up and told the guy he was a dickhead, he was pretty freaked out but i told him i was good i just need a new wheel and he payed for it even tho i can get it fixed for free. my bike seems to be fine and still runs. i wish the guy would of had more then 37 bucks, but whatever next time ill make sure its someone drivin a more expensive car.
  20. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    you should have gotten his insurance info at least and he is more than a Dickhead!! you are going to hurt the next few days though .......glad u r ok next time kick the hell out of his car!!! and go after raising his insurance there is no reason for some one to drive like that !!!!!!