On-off switch messed up


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Sep 5, 2008
St. John, Indiana
I just got a Staton friction rig and the on-off switch shuts the motor off in either position, as long as it's grounded on the handlebar. Hanging freely it doesn't do a thing. Touch it to the bar and the engine dies.
When I read the instructions it says "do not switch on and off untill it is mounted as this may mess it up". Too late. I switched it on and off before it was connected to anything. Could this have actually messed up this switch?
I have heard much said regarding those switches

mine has worked good so far

I didn't read the instructions that came with my kit
but - a switch that one shouldn't turn on or off until mounted ---- wow - strange
must have something to do with something popping out from botton

at least you are still running
a cheap switch from auto store -- should last a long time

Happy Riding from - Mountainman
I'm among those who have received a bad kill switch from Staton. Just throw it away and replace it with a switch from your local auto parts or hardware store.
Both of my switches from staton rool. I especially like the new one I got with my friction kit, its nice, I'll have to post a pic of it once the kit is on a proper bike. A full suspension bike just arrived at the store so I'm going to pick it up tomorrow.... good times :)
Mountainman- "I didn't read the instructions":p Thats a hoot.

Sirjake-Great looking mongoose rig. Bad to the bone.

Yea, I'll just toss the switch. No biggy.
:DI generally think that reading instructions shows lack of imagination. I read 'em sometimes. Usually after my imagination fails to get something working. If I haven't already used them as fire starter. :rolleyes: Then I'm forced to ask for help.:oops:

Back on topic. I don't use a momentary kill switch. I use an on/off toggle on my 2 wheelers, and a regular motorcycle kill switch on the trike.