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  1. BigB

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    Hello, from Washington state. I've been lurking for a while.
    Anyway, I am an avid hiker. In my area there is a large number of Forest Service roads which have wash outs far from trail heads. They have been washed out for years and will still be years to fix them. I've bicycled some of them. Then i had the thought, maybe i could motorize a bicycle, to save my energy for hiking. During my research of what is available i discovered this site.

    I've identified some must haves.

    1. Light weight. As i will be traveling washed out Forest Service roads, they have not seen any maintenance in quite a while. Sometimes there is a tree of dozen fallen over the road.

    2. Frame mount, not rack mount. A frame mount will allow the use of rack for cargo.

    3. Must be able to climb a 15% grade maybe more on a rough road.

    4. Must retain petal function

    I've settled on two options. A Chinese two stroke\sickbike parts shifter kit. And a kit from the Scooterguy.

    From what i can see. It appears the sickbike parts kit, offerst the best opportunity for some extreme gear reduction. Which i see as an asset on steep rough roads.

    But i am leaning on the Scooterguy option, because it has fewer moving parts to break in the middle of nowhere.

    With the scooter guy option, will i be able to gear the thing low enough for my requirements? I weigh 270lbs, plus i will likely be hauling 30 to 40 lbs of back packing gear.

  2. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    i hope you find what you need. i dont think you will find a muffler/spark arrestor for your needs. your best bet may be c/l for an old honda trail 50/70/90/100cc. where are you? there are many in nw.
  3. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard.

    I don't know anything about the scooterguy's set-up, so I'm not going to be a good source of advice there.

    But I have the feeling that these MBs are not really suitable for serious off-road riding. They take too much of a beating.

    But with the sickbikeparts shift kit, then maybe you can get it slow enough that that's not a problem.

    hope it works for you.
  4. BigB

    BigB New Member


    Honda trail 50/70/90/100 are all heavy. Just try and dragging one over a tree or dozen. Spark arrestors can be built form scratch if necessary. I'm in Everett.


    If i was going to do serious off roading, i would just buy a dirt bike.
    I have no intention of going 30 mph. I'm just looking to get from point A to B a little faster than walking while saving my energy for walking where the bike does not belong.
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    sounds like -- your best bet is to contact The Scoot Guy
    send him a PM and from what I have found -- he will get right back with you

    just a thought regardinging that
    if I bought the Scoot Guys setup
    I would get a quality engine with it -- not a cheap one...

    so as to ride that THING a long ways
  6. ozzyu812

    ozzyu812 Member


    Titan jackshaft would be my choice. DAX is also working on one contact duane, and compare to the scoter guy. Have you thought about a hybrid/tribrid? If you go with either of the three jackshafts, you will have a major component of a electric system. Wouldn't you rather have an electric motor as your plan B or pedaling with a lot of gear? If interested in hybrid/tribrid I will give more details. I'm just trying to avoid a bunch of unnecessary typing.LOL
  7. BigB

    BigB New Member

    I took a long hard look at electric. The lack of engine noise is very appealing. But batteries have too many short comings, weight, cost, limited range. I like idea the plan b of switching to electric. But again....weight becomes an issue. I will likely have to drag the bike over a few trees.
  8. 350zdrftr

    350zdrftr Member

    from a person whom is switching from electric to gasoline I can say that electric is somewhat disappointing
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    batteries used for off road use

    batteries used for off road use

    thinking will be very ((disappointing))

    run off road with gas -- have a blast !!!

    ride that thing
  10. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    G'day & welcome to MBc.
    IMHO,no current setup will do what u want....they won't be able to take the beating.
    If your really keen purpose-build something yourself,make it as LIGHT & STRONG & SIMPLE as possible.
    Sorry to say,the Titan system will fail(guess how i know :()
    Ask TheScooterGuy anyway & see what he sayes....Jerry is honest.
  11. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

  12. fm2200

    fm2200 Member

    If geared low like a 50-56 tooth or more rear sprocket, I think that would be adequate for off road use with a good quality tires, heavy duty rims and 10 gauge spokes. Your a big guy 270lbs and off road is more stressful on a bicycle with or without a motor. I think it can be done if you are conservative with your riding in rough conditions. You have to understand a dirt bike is built for off road use a bicycle is not. There are others here that may help you with what you describe as a means of getting to the hiking area's. In my opinion it isn't that hard to achieve a reliable means of using a gas bike for this off road use.
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