On the road again(hopefully)

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    Well I just got my engine/bike put back together and I rode it around the block and WOW it really can get out of its own way. I recently upgraded the exhaust to a SBP tuned one and then I had a leak in my lower seal.

    I think the last time I rebuilt it I put a gasket seal that does not set up, So now I made a new lower gasket with the right type of sealer. From leaky cylinder to sealed is a world of difference.:cool:

    I am now waiting for the next package from SBS a new head gasket (thinner)new spark plug and a grounded plug wire so I can not fry my speedometer.

    I am also setting up a battery powered light system if I have go at night.

    This Whole project it for me to get from Beaverton to Portland OR so I can finally get my bachelors degree. Its about twelve miles one way.

    Mike Frye A.K.A. Frye Bikes