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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Standard Issue, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Well, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I'm back on the street
    with my motored bike. At last post, I had a couple of broken engine
    mount studs. Not wanting to screw the job up, I took it into a machinist
    to have them extracted.

    That was a mistake. :x

    To make a long story short, this guy completely screwed the pooch
    and made my stud problem far, far worse than it was. So bad, in fact
    that I had to completely write off the original stud holes and drill and
    tap new ones myself.

    After that, I had to come up with an alternate method of mounting the
    engine. This is what I came up with. It seems to work quite well.

    Sorry about the smallness of the picture. I made it in MS paint, and
    it seemed bigger, until the forum software shrunk it down! :lol:


  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Exellent fix!
  3. Thanks Joe!

    It was sort of a unique problem, and required a unique fix.

    I'm just glad I was able to figure something out. This dang
    motoredbike is just too much fun to not work!

    I'm kind of disappointed in the rather dismal response to this
    thread, but then maybe if I had put it in the tech section and
    titled it differently, it might get some more exposure.

    A shame really, since I think this is a pretty good solution to
    a potentially crippling motoredbike ailment.

  4. azbill

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    this was a very inventive solution
    I am impressed by your idea and if you dont mind will move to tech/mech
    :D 8) :D 8) :D
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    standard issue, if you'll notice, the MBc staff is very interested in your fix...please check your PM
  6. gone_fishin

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  7. That's sweet Augidog!

    I feel like my small contribution has been forever enshrined
    in the hallowed halls of MBc... :cool:

    Hopefully that'll help someone with the same problem someday.
    After all, there but for the grace of god go us all!

    Nice job on getting the good part of the picture back to it's
    original size!
  8. Hey Augidog you beat me to it.

    I just saved the pic in My Pictures in case I needed a fix in the future.

    Very nice work Standard Issue.
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    SI- I commend your usage of non-techbook english. :)
  10. Standard Issue I am guessing that the plate is threaded to house (and tighten up) the blue 6mm screws so when you install a nut they will not rotate so the nut can be tightened.
  11. The holes for the 6MM studs are not threaded.

    I used hex head capscrews that are countersunk in just
    enough so that a *tiny* bit of the back sticks out, that way when
    the plate is screwed down into the engine, the capscrews
    are firmly held down and do not rotate when you try to
    stick a bolt on them.

    I called them studs, because even though they are
    capscrews, when the plate is attatched, only the threaded
    shaft sticks out, so it's pretty much like a stud.

    I originally wanted to use studs or something, but my
    aluminum plate is only 1/4'' thick, and that wouldn't give
    me many threads after I tapped it out.

    Also, I just used what was on hand. Adapt and overcome!

    Plus, the upside to the capscrews is that they have a bigger
    base, so more of an "anchor", and hopefully distribute the
    forces transmitted to them across a larger area instead of
    concentrating it all in one spot

    Although if they ever DO break again, at least replacing them
    will be quick and simple. So far I've gone about 30 miles since
    the fix, and it seems to be holding up quite well.

    /fingers crossed! :p
  12. I see.

    Not having to thread the bracket sounds easier so all good.

    Again, nice work. 8)