On the road, finally!

I'm rollin'! Finally came to my senses and abandoned putting a go-kart motor on this thing (ad for it under "Buy/Sell/Trade"). Still have some finish work to do (probably always will), but rode it around a bunch last weekend. A buck's worth of gas (about a third of a gallon) went well over 50 miles!

Huffy tandem, Shimano/Suntour drivetrain (yes, those are Biopace eccentric chainrings), Sturmey front drum brake, caliper brakes both wheels, car horns (battery not shown in these pics).

Robin/Subaru 35 cc 4-stroke (a whopping 2 cubic inches for you gearheads), Staton gearbox, mount kit, and rear wheel. Motor runs great, I really like it.

I pedal all the time, whether the motor is running or not, runs out of pedal gearing at about 22-25 mph, so that's going to be the limit. Seems plenty fast, anyway!


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az cra-z

Thanks, fellas!

I made the pics pretty small so they wouldn't take up much space. Higher res versions available at my Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8564616@N02/
Really high res (the photo software says 20-something by 30-something inches, whew!) available, if anybody wants them e-mail me. I have one this size on my desktop screen at work.

(az cra-z)


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Sep 30, 2006
Nice Mark,

I have a tandem, sitting in SanDiego at my son's...wish it were HERE, (and it will be if I figure out how to ship it !!)

Anyway, the 96 oz remote tank, any problems or hints ?

Man, that "trunk" area behind you could fit a LOT of possibilties. Shweeet. :cool:

az cra-z

Where did you get that seat? Is it comfy?
It's called the "MegaRide" and I got it on ebay. The company used to have a website, but it seems to have gone under. Very comfy, nice and wide so I can shift side-to-side some.

the 96 oz remote tank, any problems or hints?
That's actually an 84 oz tank (or so Staton says, doesn't seem like that much). It wants to leak around the rubber grommet some, I'm going to seal it up better, then mount it properly. Maybe on the side opposite the motor, will post a pic when done.

Took it out last night for a B-day cruise, what fun!

that "trunk" area behind you could fit a LOT of possibilties
I love the slope of the frame so much, I'm hesitant to obscure it with a rack. Any ideas?
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