On the Road: Whats your biggest fear ??


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9:27 PM
Jan 20, 2008
Sydney, Australia
I considered this a white zone subject, but then maybe its more in General.

I did a search and found no subjects discussing FEAR.

When I was learning to surf, the fear of drowning was something
I had to conquer, and then the fear of sharks whilst surfing alone.

So when it comes to being out on the road by myself, I find parallels
with having to break through the fear barriers.

So three things I think I've conquered.

1. Falling off due to a back wheel lockup.
(I did this one already, & the fear has stayed for a while).
2. The Front Wheel coming off, and going over the handle-bars.
This has never happened.
3. Getting run over by a Bus. (This has never happened.)
Those things weigh alot, and I have to travel in a Bus lane
to get to work.
I had a close call with a Bus once, and since then have been ultra
wary of them.

So thats my list, whats yours ?
Dare you to put it down and let it go.

Feel the Fear and do it anyway. :cool::cool:

...and do you feel better for acknowledging the fear in this post ?
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1. Turning a corner and hitting a sand patch. Ouch! Have done it.
2. Hitting a pot hole, bending the front rim and doing a face plant. Have done it.
3. The wife when she gets that certain look on her face. :eek: Has done it.
1 ~ Car doors
2 ~ Cell phone drivers
3 ~ Cars turning right when the light turns green oblivious to the fact that you have the right of way
4 ~ Going so fast that you blow up your engine...which is why I simply cruise.
5 ~ Locking up
6 ~ Drunk drivers
7 ~ Driving at night
8 ~ Thunder
9 ~ Lightning
10~ The way trees move when it's windy out
11 ~ The exorcist chick
N.Z. Buses

I lived in New Zealand for a while and pedaled to work and back. The downtown busses would get 3 in one lane and 3 in the next lane sometmes and I got caught in between them once! I got out alive but 3 busses are scarier than 1.
Been dumped by sand pactches often.
Racists get to close in their cars.
Rednecks get to close in thier cars.
I live in Englewood ,FL and as you might have been able to guess, the area that I'm in consists of mostly elderly people who can't see over the steering wheel, one time, I was cruising about 25 mph, and one of them pulled out right in front of me (i was on the sidewalk) and I tried to turn, but I went right over the hood of her car. She got out and was yelling and sceaming angrily at me. Meanwhile, I was in a daze, with the skin on my right shoulder, hands and right but cheek gone and my bike revving out of control in the middle of the street. Anyway, long story short I wound up telling her that it was her fault, but she wouldn't believe me so I got her tag numbers but I didn't report her because 1. I was riding an illegal vehicle on the sidewalk
2. I left a huge dent on the side of her car and a couple of deep scratches on her hood. (she was driving a brand spankin' new 08 caddilac)
No, the bike wasn't fine for those of you wondering, I bent the front wheel, and broke my new expansion chamber exhaust and bent the handlebars.
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Mailboxes seem closer to the traffic lanes than they used to be. Or the shoulders have gotten narrower. They really go by fast at 30.
Hi ya's

1)-cars exiting side streets!!
2)-Going around parked cars in peak hr traffic
3)-Car doors
4)-Blind round-abouts

Good 1