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    I've been collecting parts for a while now and today decided to have a go at assembling something.

    I wanted something low and and long with fat tires so I took the rear set up from a StingRay chopper that is 4 1/4" wide. On the front I have a 3" wide tire on a springer fork. I cut the front off of the chopper frame and extended it using frame pipes from another bike.

    Here are some pics of it tack welded together to check the look and clearance of the pedals. I didn't want something that would crash me when I was pedaling round a corner so while it's low, I still have plenty of clearance.

    The seat post is just stuck in it to figure out about where I want the seat to be. I'll have to make my own post so that I can place the seat as needed.

    I also plan on putting a 2-stroke China girl engine on this frame to tool round town so wanted good clearance for the motor as well. The gas tank will set back on the long top bar and set right on top of the angled junction giving it a cleaner look. (That junction is the only part I don't like about the frame.

    This is what I have come up with so far and it will be my first completed build. ( I have another in the starting phases of building for my grandson.)






    Any ideas on what I should call this build?

  2. Mountainman

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    Diamond ??

    Stretch ??

    Long Boy ??

    Smash ??

    best of all ----------------------------- The THING

    you know how we think up here by now !! MM
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    very cool... I like your creativity and resourcefulness please keep us updated on the progress.