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  1. jroyse

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    Just wanted to post one more picture with the added rear carrier rack. Sure wish I could ride, but its 11 degree's outside plus snow.

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  2. geebt48cc

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    Hey,Hey, looking good!~ How many miles on it?

  3. jroyse

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    I only have maybe 1-1 1/2 mies on it.Too cold to ride here. I kind of screwed up when I posted this. I was trying to post in the picture gallery, but hey what ever works.
  4. big kountry 75

    big kountry 75 New Member

    Really nice build I like how you've paint matched everything
  5. Big Red

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    Nice build jroyse, I always did like the cruisers. I'm almost finished with my Cranbrook build and will post pic's soon. I installed a rear rack to mount my turn signals and brake light on. And, of course I had to use babyape bars, just to make it a more comfy ride.
    It looks like 12 guage spokes on your bike, but you should still think about some kind of sprocket hub mount system. The spokes are just a silly place to drive a wheel from. You can get one from Manic machanic, Livefastmotors or the one I'm using, from Sgt. Howard. Any of them are better than that ragmount thing. The one I'm using fits all the 24 and 26" Schwinns with coaster brake hubs. And you might also think about a better brake. I put a caliper type brake on the front because I don't trust coaster brakes at 40mph.
    Anyway, VERY cool bike. Hope it warms up for you soon so you can get some ride time in.
    Shiney Side Up,
    Big Red.
  6. jroyse

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    Thanks for the tips.I'm going to look into sprocket hub thing. I to don't really like the spoke drive rag joint. couple more things - what are you using for a brake light? And about the previous reply regarding the paint scheme ...I must confess the bike came painted white & black. I added some black stripes and re-did the gas tank, then added the rear carrier. It just sort of all came together in a good way.
    Luck always beats skill
  7. james65

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    Great looking build. Don't be so humble, a good job is a good job.
    One of the most dangerous things on these kits is the chain tensioner bracket. Anything that you can do to keep it from twisting into the spokes is a good thing.
  8. Big Red

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    Brake Lights

    Hey jroyse, The easiest way to hook up a brake light is to just buy one off e-bay. theres a few venders selling a couple different types. You will have to install a cable brake of some kind. The switch on these attach to the brake cable near the brake itself.
    The way I've been doing it lately is to get a brake lever with a built in switch. This way you would need to give it a power source. I use the cheapest 12V 5 to 7ah battery I can find and find a place to mount it where it doesn't stand out too badly. Then I can run all the 12V lights I want, kinda.

    Heres a cheap light setup. They all work about the same.
    And heres an example of the levers. At this price they work out to about $8.50 apeice, I would throw the elec. grips in my junk box.

    And heres a pic of one on my trike
    Just try to keep down the vibration on the light setup. These were made for "just bicycles" and dont do well with a lot of vib's. Rubber mount everything.
    Big Red.

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  9. RedBaronX

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    I hooked up my brake light to the clutch cable... I found a brake lever with a brake light switch and a "parking brake lock" on eBay. It came from a 1970's motorcycle. The brake light switch is integrated into the brake lever. I am not done putting my bike together, but it's got full lights and a 12v rechargeable battery.
  10. Big Red

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    Hey RedBaron, It sounds pretty much the same way I'm doing it. I got a lever off a pit bike that has the brake switch built in. I'll be mounting a 12v 7.5ah battery in ammo boxes mounted as side cases, painted to match of course. It will run constant loss but it's easy enough to just plug it in to charge. Now to just find a couple of cheap ammo boxes. When I'm finished, (are they ever finished?) It will have everything a motorcycle has except disk brakes, includind turn signals and horn.
    Here's a pic of mine. Now lets see a pic of your's.
    Big Red.
    Oh yeah, Found this control unit on e-bay. Has a turn switch, Horn botton and light switch. Pic#2.

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