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Has anyone ever tried putting a coaster rear wheel on the front in addition to the one on the rear. then using a hand cable to apply the rear pull to make it brake. Just curious here.
I'll have to give it a try. Stopping the bike with just the front brake in my opinion is almost suicidal. but then thats just me. I remember a motorcycle close call in my wasted youth. However in conjunction with the rear coaster brake, using the front coaster just to assist, so not completely tight, might be just the ticket.
Coaster brakes can be tempermental or inconsitent, especially when new... imho you're better off buying an inexpensive side-pull brake for whatever bike you might have; beach cruiser or "road" bike style. With the included lever and cable they're something like 25 bucks.

It's what I used... although I spent another 14 on better brake pads. After 50 miles of local riding, they're (the front brake is) just starting to have some decent bite. I'll try to get a pic up for you later today although it can be seen at some distance in the profile shot of my bike linked in my post signature.

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I have been thinking why can't I strip the brake off a large frame mountain bike and attach it to the front wheel of the coaster.
Rear hubs are..

Rear Hubs are typically wider than the front. I guess you could bend your forks out and give it a try.. I would think that a hand brake would be better and easier to install. Thanks.. Enjoy the ride..
I thought about it, BRIEFLY; then envisioned myself over the handlebars at 35mph and stopped torturing my mind...