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  1. Jdavis_0203

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    Thanks for the help with everyone with my last post. But today My exhast gasket came off i guess melted away? but with it gone my bike is louder but def. more power and i was wondering if it was bad to run it like this cause i kinda like it this way.

  2. professor

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    it leans the motor out if it has more power now. You may like the sound but I work with people who have hearing loss from being too close to noise sources. What???
  3. Jdavis_0203

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    My question though is if its bad on the motor? Lean is depriving the engine of oil? And its ok ive heard way louder go karts hearing aides is a good invention haha
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    Without adequate back pressure that the muffler provides it will shorten the life some what. Melting away the gasket means that exhaust gas was leaking out causing the melt down, unless your full throttle most of your ride. Excessive high rpm's will definitely shorten the life of the engine. If the noise is excessive you might attract the cops attention and that will shorten your wallet.
  5. motorpsycho

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    if you like the power of a straight pipe like that, you should consider getting a tuned expansion chamber. it will give you the power, some of the noise, and it will be ok on the engine. you MIGHT have to richen the carb up a bit, but that's not hard to do. but yes, running it with a blown exhaust gasket will make the motor run a bit leaner than it should. i have seen people running a straight pipe with no muffler at all (but with a good exhaust gasket) and the motors have good power.
    but really, a 2 stroke will make more power with a non leaking, tuned expansion chamber rather than a leaking stock exhaust. backpressure is what helps the cylinder stay filled to capacity to make maximum power. an expansion chamber raises the amount of air/fuel that is packed into the cylinder for even more power. it will also add a supercharged effect when you get it into the power band at a certain rpm. (depending on how the pipe is tuned). i have read that you can expect 1/2 horsepower gains by putting on an expansion chamber exhaust.
  6. Mountainman

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    my cousin when his muffler fell apart enjoyed that extra sound also
    and he said that it was faster
    now he says that it pretty darn slow
    parked most of the time

    makes it hard to ride that THING
  7. HoughMade

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    Lean means not enough fuel in the fuel/air mixture. This has 2 detrimental effects. First, an engine operating lean operates much hotter. In an air cooled engine- this is death. Second, in a 2 stroke engine lubricated by oil in tha gas, a lean fuel/air mixture means there is less oil circulated through. Less oil plus higher temps is a bad combo platter.

    Finally, there is a confusion of terms. Traditionally, "lean" vs. "rich" has described the ratio of fuel to air for combustion. Some people use the term "lean" to refer to the amout of oil in the gas....I think it would be best to avoid this use of the term. Describing that as less vs. more oil rather than "lean" vs. "rich" would help avoid confusion and is more accurate....but to each their own.
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    Thanks everyone so much for the comments back and so quickly too. Motorpsycho I will def. look into getting that expansion chamber when i get paid i guess. it sounds exactly what i want without throwing my engine out of a loop for running it like this for too long Right now i have tightened down the carb screw so i could get a richer mixture. Houghmade Thanks for the useful information I def. understand that now. I will not be riding it more than what i have to until that new gasket comes in. once again it makes me so happy to join a new community where everyone on here is willing to give people the information they know and try to help out everyone as much as they can and i appreciate that all and hopefully soon enough maybe i will be able to help someone from giving my opinion.

  9. motorpsycho

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    "i have tightened down the carb screw so i could get a richer mixture".
    what carb screw did you tighten down?
    the only way to make the fuel-air ratio richer is to raise the jet needle on the end of the carb slide, or by putting in a bigger main jet.
    as far as i know, the stock carbs that come with all of these motors only have an idle adjustment screw, and no air-fuel ratio adjusting screw. i have only see the air-fuel adjustment screws on aftermarket race carbs for these engines.

    by the way, i will be buying an expansion chamber from spookytooth this week, so i will let you know if it's better/worse than the stock exhaust. i expect it to give me more power, but exactly how much....i have no idea. the only way i will not put it on my bike is if it doesn't fit around my frame.
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