One of a kind 4 stroke

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Big Blue, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Dont get me wrong it was done very well but the best???? maybe you have not seen alot??
  3. jander6442

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    Great build... schweet looking solid and CLEAN. However, if I may give some + criticism

    The whole premise of this hobby of ours is locomotion Yes/No the interpretation of this bike is the builders ability to pull off what he definitely wanted to do... in this case build a engineering masterpiece which he did, bono to Uncle Steve.:bowdown:

    I will just simply state after putting 1400 miles on my Cannondale GEBE kit that less is more, at least when overall mileage is considered. When your doing a 9hr. trip you will not want to worry about all those moving custom built parts having a mishap, believe me you'll be to engaged in the traffic, route, mileage etc...

    The other thing to consider is maintenance and power to weight ratios. I have that same engine on the GEBE kit and pulling the #13gear with about 24mph for the sweet spot and about 34mph top end I weigh an even 220lbs. I have to run for now I hope you get the just of my post I'll edit or add when I get a chance.

    I wanna ride, wanna ride, wanna ride...:) singing:cool2::helmet:
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    Is that Billy Joel ?
  5. jander6442

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    no thats the new Honda commercial song :jester:
  6. wheelbender6

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    Billy Joel rides cafe racers. That dude must be an aircraft mechanic to safety wire his oil filler cap. Because he removed all the covers from his GX35, the motor does look a bit unique. That drive train looked like a watch maker designed it. It was very well done, but too complicated for me.
  7. Wheres my dog

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    All I got to say is this...

    Put the **** bike away and take out the lawnmower and cute the **** grass in front of your house already!!!
  8. motorpsycho

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    he looks like a gorilla riding that bike.
  9. concretepumper

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    Hes too busy machining parts most likely. :jester: It is pretty neat though. But year a lot of moving parts.
  10. Old Bob

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    Word on the street he doesn't make anything, just does the videos, he doesn't talk like a toolmaker either.
  11. wheelbender6

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    Billy Joel also owns a Whizzer. There was a show on TV last night about his motorcycle museum and there was an older Whizzer in it.
  12. motorpsycho

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    so in other words, the guy is a liar?
    he says that he is the inventor and builder of this bike.
    when someone says that they are the builder, you assume that all the parts were made by them.
    any knucklehead can buy parts made by someone else and bolt them on, but that doesn't make them the makes them the assembler.
  13. Old Bob

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    Who knows? he could have made sketches and had someone make the parts.
  14. Big Red

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    No Big Deal

    You can do pretty much the same thing, A WHOLE LOT EASIER, with a shift kit from Sick Bike Parts. He put a lot of time and money into something that S.B.P. has been selling for years. If he's the "builder" he claims to be, a conversion to incorporate his engine with the S.B.P. kit should be no problem. (Am I wrong?)
    Big Red
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    Me thinks you guys caught a case of the jellies......thats a nice bike and coool.
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    I like the XR400R in the driveway. I prefer XR650R but not everybody can handle it.
  17. Old Bob

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    yeah right.
  18. rawly old

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    gx35 bike

    I dunno; the guy looks like he cud b a machinist to me. I have to say
    he gets more speed outa his than I get from my 35. Of course, I do
    most of my machining with a dremel, file, or a grinder. I've not much
    use for a micrometer. I will plug the honda Gx35 though, it's really a
    great little quiet, reliable engine. Personally, I'm happy with my friction
    drive; it's a dam sight less complicated.
  19. Old Bob

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    Watch the vid, hes pointing at stuff with the pointer and doesn't know what the name of the parts are?

    His drive setup is overly complicated and not well thought out, a "machinest" :whistling: could have and would have MADE the parts to simplify matters.
  20. motorhedfred

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    No offense to any members of the law enforcement community...but he looks, talks and acts like a cop.